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11th Jan 2005 - BCI V's Timmy's Tigers - ROAR!!


BC1 came from behind last night to start 2005 with a much needed win, with a
hat-trick from Sean and a brace from Dazza.


The starting line-up saw a few changes with Mark Rolfe (back injury),
Richard Moss (crap cup watching) and Mark Rogers (also crap cup watching)
all absent, replaced with Matty Rogers (needing a confidence boost after knocking us out of a proper cup),
Dazza (into midfield) and Benaldo (sub).


Not long after the start, Timmy's Tigers went one-nil up with a shot that Richard A. really
should have saved but after some good possession, Bunky's managed to equalise.


Immediately from kick-off, a shot from a wide position cannoned off the post and
rolled over the line after deflecting off the unlucky keeper – unfortunately, it was
into our net and we were two-one down !


Again, some good movement saw Dazza strike his first to equalise and it was in the second
half that Bunky's really took control with Sean completing his hat-trick and Dazza
striking again to send BC1 5-2 up.


BC1 played comfortable football, with Ben interchanging with Russ, and every attack seemed to
threaten another goal. Dazza looked sharp in the middle making regular, well-timed challenges
to break down Timmy's possession and Sean made the most of every opportunity.


An unlucky rebound near the end of the game saw Timmy's Tigers score a consolation goal at
the end, hit with power from close range, giving Richard no chance.


A solid start to the New Year, a third consecutive league tally of 5 goals, should put Bunky's
in a confident mood for the next game ….. a revenge match following early cup exit …..
come on Shane and Dawson Group if you think you’re hard enough!


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