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8th Nov 2005 - BCII vs. Inter Minan FC

BCII 8 - 2 Inter Minan FC

BC2 bounced back last night and let their feet do the talking, refusing to become embroiled in the war of words we have seen from the BC1 camp recently. 

Despite the team making a slightly lazy start to the game, Player Manager Rogers silenced the critics in the best possible fashion with a first half hat-trick, a sweet response to the recent goading from BC1 Manager Gaz.

 Although his first may have had an element of luck with the ref. demanding a poor free kick be re-taken, there was no doubting the well placed shot beyond the ‘keeper, and his second and third were certainly typical Rogers.

 For both of these, one from an opening he created himself after skipping round the Inter midfield, and the other an opportunist strike after the ball bounced loose following good work by Danny and Daz, it was his composure that made the difference. That’s now an incredible 10 goals for the season so far. 

Despite this electric opening, however, Rogers was not to be the star man as Danny eclipsed both the performance and the strike rate, bagging himself four. 

His first, Bunky’s fourth, shortly before half time, was the best of the bunch as Matty won the ball and played it to Daz. He cut inside and laid the ball back to Danny who struck it beyond the advancing ‘keeper.

 There was a slight hiccup before Bunky’s fifth, when Ritchie A. gave Inter the ball far too quickly for their free kick on the edge of the area and with none of the BC2 players in position, it was simple enough for them to slot the ball home - but Danny struck again to make it 5-1 at half time.

 The second half started in the same vein, the Bunky defence, Justin and Matty, supported by Rogers dropping deep, always looked in control and with Daz working selflessly at the other end, winning the ball and bringing Danny and Rogers in to clean up, the movement was likened to a ‘well oiled machine’. 

Danny quickly continued where he left off, sneaking a shot just inside the post after Daz cut back from the right and then moments later hammering a first time left foot shot beyond the ‘keeper after a blocked shot from Daz had rebounded nicely – BC2 were now coasting at 7-1 and perhaps this is why the last few minutes were such a shambles.

Changes were made, which never helps, the defence became panicked and Ritchie A. seemed to forget that Bunky’s were the team in red – consistently throwing the ball out to Inter.  

 Inexplicably, one of the changes saw Rogers replace Danny with Sean – although he tried afterwards to dismiss it as a joke – but with Danny there were no tantrums, no arguments, even after Inter had nicked a late consolation and he had to watch Sean score in the dying seconds – maybe even a goal that could have been his and gained him a place in the hall of fame as one of the few players to record five or more in a single match.

 In the post match analysis, some of the questions that had threatened to tear apart the club were asked …. Why had Danny been taken off again? Exactly how should the substitution system work? Should there be a forum for players to vent their own frustrations? …….

 The collective opinion, as I can now exclusively report, seems to be ….

 Danny’s favourite crisps are Beef Hula Hoops – and he definitely does not like Thai Bites. Sean does. Four pitches and a lemonade do not divide by 12 evenly. Polo shirts should not be white. Ledley King should have gone to prison for that stamp. SJDW is my sister. Crouch can’t score as he wears number 15.

 In every respect, a great evening then.

 Except for Danny – who got subbed, didn’t get five – and didn’t even get any crisps he liked. Some people are never happy. Perhaps with a bit more effort on the pitch, he might find that he fits in.


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