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8th Feb 2005 - BCI V's MK Utd


Fresh from a dazzling performance in the internationally acclaimed FHMO2 Cup, Bunky Chollox
produced some great football and ‘Bouncebackability’ during this ‘top of the table clash’, only to
be let down (sorry Richie A) by some poor ‘keeping.

A near full strength team took to the pitch, with the only change being Richie A. replacing Daz
in goal, and started well enough with some concise passing and movement, and BC1 were unlucky
on several occasions not to take the lead.

MK Utd were restricted to fairly long range efforts, easily dealt with, until mid-way through the
first half when a deflected shot took the ball past our goalie and put MK Utd 1-0 up.

Despite this set-back, BC1 continued with the same game-plan, hitting the post, having a clear
penalty shout rejected, seeing numerous efforts cleared off the line and being the victims of many
bizarre refereeing decisions but they simply couldn’t seem to find a break-through. Unfortunately,
it also seems that our ‘keepers head may have gone down as two further speculative shots brought
another two goals for MK Utd and so BC1 actually went into half-time losing 3-0!

The second half saw some changes but the format continued. This time, however, BC1 made the
opportunities count. Following two wonderful saves from Ritchie that really should have been
goals, Sean grabbed one back. A consolation? With Mark Rogers adding a second a few minutes
later it seemed maybe not, especially as it was all that MK Utd could do to hang on under the pressure.

The crowd had swelled with the Athletico Shenley lot cheering Bunkys on and with no more than a
minute remaining, Sean swivelled and struck to steer a well deserved equaliser beyond the
MK Utd goalie :- 3-3. (Finally).

The clock was ticking … BC1 were in control and then … disaster. A Half-hearted left wing strike
on the stroke of full time somehow rolled past the immobilised Bunky ‘keeper and
MK Utd had knicked it.

It was theft and it should be reported. It should be beyond the FA and end up in a criminal trial. It’s
not right when things like that happen.

*************** MATCH REPORT 2 ***************

It goes like this...

It was late, it was dark, it was cold and we were getting whipped 3-0 by MK Utd. Nothing new there.

One of the Utd players had had a bad day in the office (he explained later) and as such, decided to
take it out on the Bunky Players. Now not that I would ever say anything against the Ref, but he was
having a shocker! Too many times the Utd player got away with barges and shoves, he was playing like a
School playground bully after a shafting from the head boy, and getting away with it. Well enough
was enough for our Ben who had been tipped over the edge. With a flash of red in his eyes, the
MK Utd player was picking sand from between his teeth and was no longer wondering what the
Astroturf tasted like. That was the point the Ref decided to take some long over due action, but
failed to punish the Utd player... if ever there's an advantage of having 'Utd' in you team name, it
was evident that night.

So after he picked himself up off the floor and squaring up to Ben, he openly admitted he 'started' it.
And as you can imagine, the rest of the Bunky's players applauded Bens actions as the yellow card
came out. Nuff said, the club will pick up the fine. Well done Ben, and that's not sarcasm.

It was time for change and we'd had enough. Bang! Sean 1-3....Bang! Rogers 2-3....Bang! Sean 3-3 and
we were looking like the Bunky's of old, where nobody, no matter how much PMT they were
suffering from, would get in our way.

That's when the other team, MK unted...(sic) managed to get the winner. Very disappointing, and not
because of the result, but more because the ill tempered MK Utd player not only let his side down
and himself but also the spirit in which the game is played at Shenley, just 'cos he'd had a bad day.

Good performance from Bunky's, and a underserved result for sure.


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