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7th Dec 2004 - BCII V's Athletico Shenley

Another fine display from BCII saw them pretty much control the game against Athletico Shenley last night, however a combination of fantastic keeping and wasted chances at the other end were to cost Bunky's dear at the final whistle. 

The first half display demonstrated the renewed confidence that the club have following three straight wins and although Athletico Shenley held the ball well, they were unable to break down a solid defence. ‘Keeper Richard Armstrong was needed to make only one save of note at his near post. 

BCII counter-attacked repeatedly, with Matty and Mark Rogers (which, when said like that, makes them sound like a old married couple) breaking from deep and opportunities arose for every player to strike at goal.

 The second half saw substitutions which slightly upset the balance of the team but still gave BCII have the edge and the best chances, most notably a quickly taken Sean de Fraine free kick, rolled across the in front of the area that Gazza should have converted but again the ‘keeper managed to keep out.

During one of these changes, a lapse of concentration and shape in defence led to the ball falling to an Athletico striker, whose strike took a deflection and nestled into the corner.

As BCII pushed for the equaliser they deserved, they were again caught short at the back, sort of, allowing a second Athletic goal, leaving the entire team well p*****d off at completely stuffing their closest rivals and yet still not winning!

The performance was good – and at least Shenley didn’t rub the result in our faces, like we would have done to them ..



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