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7th Feb 2006 - BCI vs. Argash

BCII 2-2 MK Utd

Not being one for wanting to sound daft but Danny, Dazzy, Justy, Richy, Mikey, Seany warny piddly poo saw the start of BCII v MK Utd last night. (You can't make this stuff up ya' know!!)


Rogers (Capt.) was super-sub having the misfortune of a work related injury earlier in the week. He got up off his chair on Monday and twisted something in his ankle.... a lesser reporter might comment that he should warm up before taking on such a risky move as...getting up... but I'm not a lesser reporter. A lesser reporter might also call him a shirt lifting weasel, but not this one... I'd simply like to point out that what ever the criticism, BC II haven't lost this year. Nuff said.


So it was a clash of 2nd and 3rd in the league and for some reason, Althletico were out to support/gear/laugh/abuse the Ref. A Positive start prevailed, good positioning, good defensive lines, Daz playing out of his normal position at the back, but taking to it well as expected. Danny holding midfield and Sean teaming up with BC debutant Duffer up front. Now many of us may remember our first ever BC league game... for some it was a 4-0 thrashing in the clubs first ever competitive match, for others it was a nervy half a mach coming on cold as a sub... but it has to be said, Duffers played like a seasoned club veteran. Relaxed, enthusiastic, good positioning play, good covering and a confident right foot... in fact scratch the 'club veteran' comparison... when have they ever played like that!!


Duffers made an early attempt on goal, denied by the Utd 'keeper, but a good effort all the same. 'consistent' would be a good word for the teams performance, steady, unpanicked, battling. It was quite a disappointment therefore, when Utd split the numerous defensive players with a relatively soft shot into the right hand corner of the BC goal. Where was Richy? Let's just say he wasn't very close to the ball as it crossed the line. Perhaps the number of defensive positions held by the reds gave him more confidence than was warranted. 1-0 to Utd.


No heads dropped, that was the key. Battle, battle, battle as the Yellows seemed back on the back foot from the re-start. Danny came close from a corner cross from Sean, but couldn't quite get the contact to beat the 'keeper. Liquid positioning provided dominant performance as Daz ventured forward, Danny dropping back to support Jus, Sean and Duffers keeping Utd's defence guessing.... you know what happens when a defence gets parted like the Red Sea, Daz stood like Moses with the ball... there's only one place it will end up as he put BC on the score sheet with a fine finish. A good team effort.


The half time switch saw no substitutions... "With consistency playing such an important role, why make changes" the Capt. may have allegedly thought. Either that or  "I'm not going on, it's Freezing out there!"


More battling, it got a bit rough and ready out there. The ref showing consistency in some poor decisions, but unusually, nothing that lead to a goal against BC or a goal for BC being disallowed. Some physical challenges simply weren't challenged by the Ref leaving tempers and emotions running high. A Utd player brought himself down under Dazz's legs, but Danny helped calm things down. Following the free kick, Daz, fired up, took a long short, curling low and dipping, an excellent save denied what would have been


Utd were playing a more probing half, and ended up with a lucky break. Richy was beaten once more as another touch of defensive confusion left BC vulnerable at the back. Utd exploited. 2-1.


Harder plays, stronger tackles, more battling. Shouts from the supporters, and the cheers were ringing over the park when a player scuffed, fluffed or otherwise.


Jus making some good runs into space with and without the ball, and a nifty toe-poke to beat a defender gifted Danny the perfect opportunity... choosing to place it and not blast it... the 2-2 score line pleased the Althletico supporters as much as the BC team.


With about 4 minutes to go, Danny took a tumble and was clutching his shin. The colour drained from Roger's face as he realised he'd have to take his coat off. Most importantly was that we had a sub to go on, could have made all the difference if BC had been down to 5.


BC didn't stop there though, more pressure and more sensible play saw a few more opportunities on goal, most notably an excellent passage of play leading to a well positioned Duffers, but the 'keeper denied his debut appearance goal for a second time leaving the crowd cheering his efforts and a rare clapping from all at the play.


A point a piece gave Athletico a further lead at the top of the league, but losing the lead twice must have left Utd feeling more disappointed than BC. 'Well played' for both teams for an entertaining match.


Cuthbert, Dibble and Grub.

Below follows that anonymous one-liners!

"Awesome battling performance, deserved to win it in the end.  Quality debut from Duffer.  All round superb team performance from BCII."

"Well battled game. Good to watch, good to play in. BC equalised twice and had the lions share of the game. Some good keeping by MK Utd denied BC their three points."


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