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6th Dec 2005 - BCII vs. MK ED

BCII 5-1 MK ED (UK reporter)

Another emphatic victory saw Bunky’s maintain third spot in Div.2 - as the league threatens to split with the top four teams all winning last night.

 Matty started in place of the injured Daz, with Rogers opting for a new formation that saw Benaldo spearhead the attack, Rogers tuck in behind and Matty sitting just ahead of Justin and Biggsio at the back.

 Ritchie A. took his position between the sticks – and deserves a special mention as his appearance followed a 400 mile round trip !!!

 What makes this effort even more remarkable is that with Cup Night approaching, this reporter has learnt one of the BC1 defenders (Not Gaz) ‘may be running late’ …not in ‘do what I can’, ‘mini-crisis’ sort of way, just an off the cuff, flippant, ‘get there when I get there’ manner …

 If the press picked the team, considering the recent series of explosive interviews the same player recently gave, there would possibly be a ground breaking decision to actually drop him from the starting line-up!

 Alas, we don’t, and so, pushing politics aside, focus needs to be given to the performance of BC2 last night and to Rogers, clearly emerging as a candidate for Manager of the Year as he continues to inject enthusiasm and discipline into his team.

 BC2 started comfortably and it wasn’t long before Ben’s hard work in closing down the defence paid off to land Rogers a golden opportunity to put his side 1-0 up, coming in from the left to face the ‘keeper, but unusually for him in these situation, his shot was parried away.

 It took a few minutes, but eager to make up for this glaring miss, when he collected the ball in the middle and shimmied past the defence to line a shot up, you could see only one thing on his mind – and moments later, a wonderful curling effort (straight off the training ground), beat the ‘keeper at the far post.

 Matty, after a slightly shaky start, also began to impose himself on the game, regularly collecting the ball from the defence and looking for the runs of Ben and Rogers and after much flouncing and continental style theatrics, managed to win a free kick on the edge of the area. As the defence jostled for position a simple lay off and first time shot was all that was needed and as Rogers rolled the ball back, Matty struck (well, stuck out a toe) and Bunky’s were two up.

 Cometh the hour, cometh the man …after opening the second half still protecting a 2-0 lead, Bunky’s were relaxed and knocking the ball around well. Winning the ball back from a rare MK Ed. attack, Justinhio strode forward purposely and from just past the edge of the half, hit a low, swerving right foot shot that flew into the bottom corner … 3-0, much to the delight of the supporting fans, one of which (yes, guess who … that’s right, the same BC1 defender mentioned earlier), mumbled expletives when considering their own pitiful scoring record.

 In the latter part of the half, BC2 made some changes with Rich Moss coming on (and there was no way he wasn’t coming on – practically pushing and kicking his way to the gate to ensure his appearance) and later Sean – both of which were to get on the scoreboard.

 Firstly, Rich Moss executed a superb turn after receiving the ball on the edge of the area, skipped past a defender and poked the ball into the far post to make it 4-0 and then Sean, unmarked in the middle, turned a struck a left foot shot from distance to seal the victory.

 Following Rich’s effort, it was amusing to watch Mk Ed. defence continue as if nothing had happened, with their left back running the length of the pitch before realising that everyone else had stopped – but shortly after, and before Sean’s strike, Bunky’s did lapse a little when Jus failed to clear the ball from a poor free kick and it rolled between Biggsio’s legs to leave the surprised MK Ed. forward with a one-on-one that he powered past Ritchie A.

 Overall, however, another solid performance which keeps the pressure on the leaders and a well deserved three points.

BCII 5-1 MK ED (USA reporter)

And Welcome to this season's first clash between Bunky Chollox and MK ED in Div 2...


Yes that's right Bob, an interesting background to these two veteran teams who have a mixed relationship for sure...


Absolutely Emmet, there's nothing in their history that will tell us which way it's gonna go tonight, recent form though would certainly give the edge to Bunky's...


Yes-sir-ree Bob...


With Match referee Ray "the Ray Man" Raymondo-Mondola officiating, we can expect some lively action at both ends of the park.


Yes, the old funster has been a little erratic of late hasn't he...


And why not Emmet, it's cold out there and something's got to keep him from slipping onto an icy coma. If he's got to sort out a kafuffle, then at least he has to move around the pitch.


Well the pre match warm up looks to be over Bob, and Bunky's have won the toss.


That's right Emmet, there's a chill in the air, and the going looks a little icy...


I hope they consider under pitch heating for next season Bob.


That's unlikely Emmet.


You know what I mean Bob.


Yes, and it's unlikely Emmet.


You said you wouldn't do that in future Bob.


I lied. Meanwhile, play has started and already there's controversy with Bunky's more flamboyant and animated player matty.








This isn't over Bob.


We're live Emmet...


Well you shouldn't make me/


And it looks like Matty may be carded yet again for his outburst. The poor lad has had his run-ins with the ref this season and this looks like another chapter.




...hmmm very insightful.


GGGGGOOOOOOAAAAAAALLLLL!!! And it's one to nothing in favour of the reds, what a spectacular finish by the clinical-nay-surgical left foot of Rogers.


You said I could say that today.


Focus Emmet, the games what were here to talk about.


If you say so Bob.


The thermostat is up and the pressure is on. Bunky's have taken the lead and it's a happy boost for their sometimes trying efforts against the self proclaimed pensioners of the league.


Your sometimes trying Bob, but you never make any effort.



Well now MK ED don't look too happy at the moment with a free kick pending on the 'D' they could be in trouble!...  It's a goal Emmet...




You said you wanted to do the whole big 'GGGGGOOOOOOOAAAAAAALLLLLL' chant this time.


Well we all lie these days don't we... apparently.


It's Two to nothing and the Mighty Bunky's are on a roll.


Yes Bob, it's two to nothing and the Mighty Bunky's are on a roll.


...the match has restarted swiftly and there's plenty of red movement on the park.


Yes Bob, the match has restarted swiftly and there's plenty of red movement on the park.


... And it looks like there's plenty of pressure being applied on the MK ED Defence, they could be in trouble here...


Yes Bob, it looks like there's plenty of pressure being applied on the MK ED Defence, and they could be in trouble.


Stop it Emmet.


Snop ih emmeth.


And it's a fantastic long range speculative effort from Long from just outside his own half! GGGGGOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLL!!!!!


How's your Sister Bob?


Bunky's now have a comfortable lead and the three points are there for the taking for sure.


Got the results back from the clinic yet has she?


And it's time for a substitution as Mossy makes his first appearance since last Tuesday.


So not just ignoring my calls now then. You're ignoring me now too?


MK ED have got their work cut out if they want to get back into this game. They're not known for their strike rate, and today is no exception.




No it isn't Emmet.


Oh now your hearing me...


There wasn't a goal Emmet


You're not a goal either Bob.


GGGGOOOOOAAAAAALLLLLL!!! And Mossy's tricked his way onto the score card with some nifty footwork!


No it's isn't Bob.


It's Four to Nothing Chollox, surely the righting is on the wall now.


You've got nothing chollox Bob, I've seen them.


But it looks like MK ED have broken down the Bunky's defence, it's a possible consolation here...






It's a goal Bob, what's the matter with you... your hearing gone?


Yes that's right Emmet, MK ED have got themselves onto the score board but it's possible too late for any real credibility.


Yes that's right Bob, very right indeed. Look...somebody's putting a big '1' on the score board right next to MK ED's right you are.


There's some tired legs out there Emmet, but the action is all in the MK ED half, do we think there's going to be any more for Bunky's?


I don't know Bob, what do you think?


GGGGOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAALLLLLLL!!! And DeFraine has deftly scooped a roundhouse style move past the MK ED keeper to put an end to speculation that Bunky's have trouble against MK ED.


See, I was right. Another goal, fancy that.


Well the ref's reaching for his whistle and it's all over bar the post match drinking. Another 3 points for Bunky Chollox and a welcome restore to form for their Div 2 contingency.


Yes, 1, 2, 3 points. Not 4, but 3. not 2, not 1, not 5, but 3.


Well that brings us to the end of en exciting match for all and thanks to the fans for their support.


What about me?


What about you Emmet?


Don't I get any thanks?




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