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4th Oct 2005 - BCI Vs. Argos

Bunky Chollox   6-1   Argos

BC1 last night demolished Argos, chalking up the win that gave the Club their greatest ever start to a season and sending them joint top, fractionally behind Athletico on goals scored. 

Aside from the opening few seconds, in which Bunky's lost possession from the kick off and found themselves 1-0 down (a superbly struck shot finding the bottom corner of the net) they were always in control and this time really made it count.

 Sean nicked an equaliser within a couple of minutes of this shock opening, beating the ‘keeper from the left and almost immediately after, good work in the middle allowed Rich an opportunity to break, collect Rolfey’s precise through ball, and stab the ball home …. somehow! The Argos ‘keeper will be kicking himself as he seemed to have it covered. 

Rich then displayed all of his skill in the centre by collecting a ball from Disco …. and promptly losing it, placing the defence under unnecessary pressure. It was just a good thing that Russ, ever coiled and ready for such an occurrence, was able to prevent the attacker breaking through and the resulting long range shot was easily handled by the Bunky goalie. 

With the ball safely in his hand, Disco looked up …. and we had a sense of deja-vu as he swiftly rolled it out to Rich who again failed to control the ball. This time, however, Rich’s (flick? flop?, fluff?), bounced off the Argos forward, back to Rich, back off the attacker, back off Rich … and rolled forward …. Rich turned and chased (like a rabbit on heat) and, much to everyone’s surprise, pulled out a wonderful finish, curling one off in the far corner, as it were, giving BC1 a 3-1 lead. 

Just before half-time, with Bunky’s restricting Argos to long range efforts that Disco seemed more than happy (and capable) of throwing himself at to push away, Gaz collected the ball and played it long to Sean. It somehow made it through the Argos defence and from close range, Sean wasn’t going to miss – the power was too much as ball rocketed into the top of the net … 4-1 at half-time. 

Second half saw BC1 make some changes, with both Rogers and Danny coming on for a spell, and mid-way through the half Gaz played a short ball inside, Rogers received and the crowd waited. Rogers didn’t disappoint, rolling the ball onto his left foot, he struck it firm and low to make it 5-1 and bring his tally to an incredible 6 goals in just three games. 

(Now that’s a midfielder, Rich). 

The rout was completed when Gaz scored his first Div. 1 goal since June last year, following up Sean’s parried effort and slotting the ball past the hapless Argos goalie.

A well deserved victory, although a little concerning that in both of the opening two games BC1 have had to come back from a goal down, but good movement, good passing and some excellent finishing ensured the result was only ever going to go one way.


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