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4th April 2006 - BCII vs. MK ED



Still hurting from an unjust defeat to Athletico Shenley, Bunkies II took to the pitch looking for revenge! A standard BCII line up, with the exception of Daz being replaced by Danny.

From the start it was a cagey game - not the quickest, not the slowest. Bunkies did a good job of containing MK Ed, and the strategy was clear, keep 'em deep, and score on the bounce.

Unfortunately, a rare moment of confusion lead to Neil, Justin and Ben all hammering down on an MK Ed player, looking for the clearance. The net result (Sorry - no pun intended!) was Justiniho turning the ball into his own net, and popping his OG cherry!

Demoralised, BCII restarted, and the story was predictable, chances squandered by Benaldo and Rogers, including a one-on-one that you would have backed Mark to score, meant nothing when MK scored a second against the run of play.

Now thoroughly pi55ed off, and undeservedly on the wrong-side of a 2-0 score line, it was time to act! 2 minutes into the second half saw Benaldo swapped for Sean, and Rolfe for Neil.

Then the breaks came! A poor shot from Rogers saw the ball bounce back to his feet, second time round there was to be no mistake, and it was 2-1. Clearly spurred on, a few minutes later some very nimble (and quite cool!) footwork from Rogers saw him dance around the keeper and a defender, before netting for 2-2.

From this point on, a bit like Russ, it could have gone either way. Unfortunately the score line remained at 2-2. 2 points dropped, or 1 point salvaged - you decide? Performance of the night should have gone Benaldo if he'd managed to keep his shots on goal down (no change there then) shame of the night must go to Russ for turning up.

Below follows those anonymous one-liners!

"A poor start allowing MKED to set the (slow) pace. Nobody seemed to be in a hurry to do anything."

"Technically, Jus's OG cost us two points"

"An unusual night for Rogers, not converting any of his frequent attempts on goal"

"A Mediocre come-back to scramble 1 point. Must do better."

"Just a couple 'flashes' of average play, other than that, it's all gravy"

"Old McBunky had a team, E-I-E-I-O....

And in that team he had some Goals, O-G-O-G-O

With an OG here, and an OG there,

Here an O, there an O, everywhere an OG

Old McBunky had a team O-G-O-G-O"

"Personally I feel sorry for the poor guy. He was only trying his best to stop a loose ball in front of goal. And he spent the rest of the match desperately trying to make amends, and don't forget, this is his only OG in 12 years of the league.
Give him a break.
You B*stards"

"Ben was dreadful, no commitment, surely a candidate for compulsory training this Saturday"


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