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3rd Jan 2006 - BCI vs. Debenhams

BCI 8-3 Debenhams

The squad had been picked via the forum, but with one change (Richy for Disco .. have no idea why) the team
took the field. It was another good result for Bunky's in a game of 2 halves, with goals at each end !
Fortunately ... goals from Sean (3), Spoony (3 ... are you sure it was 3, really ??), and Danny (2), with the
added benefit (are you sure 3 .. really, Spoony ... 3, it just doesn't sound right ... ok I wasn't their but,
3 ... come on your having a laugh) .. anyway, Debenhams managed to squeak in 3 goals .. Blah, Blah, Blah ...
So off to pub to have a few beers and sit back in sheer amazement that Spoony actually scored 3 !
I still can't quite believe it, 3 ... oh wait, maybe Sean put the 3 in the wrong column and  Spoony was
actually 3rd sub and scored no goals ... now that I can believe !


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