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1st Nov 2011

November 1st 2011. Write it into the History books now. Go on!

A new chapter in the history of Bunky Chollox was played out this day, Tuesday November 1st 2011.

The new chapter... the birth of a new dawn... the second coming of the Chollox...

That's right.... this day spawned the fledgling arrival of New Zealands very own team of Bunky Chollox Faithful.... forever known as "The All Bunky Chollox"!!

7-a-side mayhem on grass.... to stubborn to join a vets league... to old to take it seriously.

We did it! From the humble grass roots of Te Atatu South's McLeod Park grows the legend of Bunky Chollox in New Zealand.

Russ, Mark, Lee, Leigh, Dean, JT, Kingsha, Rab, Brian and Paul.... A Class Act!

So how did we start the epic journey?

Before the whistle has started we were a man down through a warm-up injury... memories of the All Blacks warm up problems from the Rugby World Cup still fresh in our minds, but our star goal keeper was out of action for sure. Was it an age thing? A sign we're all a little too old perhaps? No... Lee is 13... which means the recovery will be swift and we'll be back to full strength nice and quick!

After a short delay on the pitch in the rain waiting for a ref to turn up we were under way. Up against a younger more spritely team we were backing on calm and collected movement from the whealth of experience in the team. It worked!

With some direction from the strategically experienced Dean we had shape. Russ and JT Solid at the back, Leigh up front leaving a starting midfield not to be messed with... Dean, Paul and Brian. Mark filling in between the sticks, Rab and Kingsha as the initial rolling subs... game on!

A hard fought game, well paced, using the ball nicely rather than running around like chickens it was text book. 0-0 at half time, still plenty of energy, rolling subs working very well and our spirits are high.

The second half started well, Mark having little to do in goal. Sensible workrates on pitch, great communications during the rolling substitutions and the breakthrough was almost inevitable. Dean, in some good space, slotting in the opener to get our account off the ground. 1-0 to the Mighty ABC's!!

Once again the tactics were clear. A Team effort closed them down at the back, a defensive shift inplayer positions happened almost telepathically. The minutes ticked away, the rain clouds blacking the evening sky to the point of insanity with no flood lights... we held... we fought, yes folks... we WON!!!!!!!!!!!

The All Bunky Chollox 1 - 0 Good Times

Full player profiles to follow. Sean has sent over the green BC shirts which we'll hopefully get before next weeks match.

Note the date.... follow the team, and remember... it's all about the Beer.

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