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2nd April 2013

Bunky Chollox Wizards 2-1 Boca Shenley

Match Report:

Having faced the same opposition in their previous two matches and been beaten 7-1 and 5-1 in those games, Wizards could have been forgiven a little trepidation going into their match with Boca Shenley on Tuesday night. Initial signs were hopeful for the underdogs though as they closed their opposition well and limited them to only a few half chances in the opening exchanges. 

It looked like business as usual though midway through the first half when some slack marking from Tom left Rob stranded with two attackers and despite a desperate lunge from the Bunky's defender Boca secured the lead with a shot curled into the far post, well out of the keeper's reach.

Bunky heads stayed up though and they were not behind for long. Dwayne picked the ball up in midfield tormenting the Boca defenders with step overs and dummies before committing the Boca keeper. He unselfishly then passed to Tom unmarked on his left who tapped in his 24th and easiest goal of the season. 

For the remainder of the half it was Wizards that had the better of the chances. Dwayne and the ever industrious James Arnold both making good runs forward only to be dealt with by Boca's formidable defense. 

At half time with scores level Bunkys were acutely aware that the scoreline had been similar at that point the previous week only for a second half collapse to undo that hard work. 

From the kick off Boca immediately put the Wizards defense under pressure, with the Bunky midfield dropping deeper and deeper to cling onto parity. Disco, in goal for the Wizards, pulled off a few early stops and his distribution up pitch repeatedly took the pressure off for a few seconds to give his team mates a breather. One such ball out from the Bunky back line found Tom on the right wing in a little space who played an outside of the foot ball through  the centre of the Boca defense. With the Wizards midfield sat deep it fell to Jeff in an uncharacteristic foray upfield to chase down the hopeful pass. He latched onto it with a defender bearing down on him a yard or so outside the Boca area and had enough composure to tuck a sidefooted shot under the sprawling keeper and into the bottom left corner sending the Bunky faithful delirious on the sidelines.

 As could be expected from a team so used to winning Boca piled on the pressure from that point onwards. Wizards however made good use of a very defensive minded bench of Neil and JJ both of whom were instrumental, along with Jeff and Rob in out muscling, blocking and limiting the opposition to long range shots. On the rare occasions Bunkys did gain possession Dwayne and James both did good work in running the clock down. 

As time ticked on the Wizards 2-2-1 formation merged into a backs against the wall flat back 5 and with tiring legs it fell to JJ and James to chase down balls into the corners to take the pressure off. Boca however did not get another clear chance for the rest of the game and a very solid organised Wizards team chalked up a good win to end a difficult series of games.


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