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16th June 2010

BC1 1-1 BC2

There was a touch of atmosphere as the Bunkys teams arrived at Milton Keynes’ Soccer City rival. A storm was brewing not only in the clouds, but in the playing field. The pitch had been thoroughly checked and was ready, the air was so tight that even the astro turf was clenched and ready for action. The team talks had been issued, the warm ups had been completed and the BC1 team were ready as a bunch of angry stallions to battle against the might of the timid ponies of BC2. As the ref blew the whistle for kick off – it was obvious that fate was going to deal BC1 an unfortunate hand, the ball being used could only be described as ‘worse than anything I’ve ever played with’ (quote Johnson – England World Cup Squad 2010). With the sun screaming down on the players, causing a slight disadvantage, BC1 dominated the game. Dwayne then stumbled through the defence, tripping over the ball, and somehow fumbling the ball into the net. Luck was on BC2’s side, but courage would prevail. The horsemen of the apocalypse were released as BC1 inflicted a tirade of stunning attacks upon BC2, there were passing moves of 20 strong, skills that would cause Ronaldinho to stutter and a frustrated BC2 resorted to chopping down a BC1 player just outside the tennis court. “Now is the time!” was the silence ringing through the air, BC1 had put in fire blood and sweat for this moment. Tom toe punted in a goal to equalise. 1-1 and the BC1 machine steamed on. After a few more minutes of domination by BC1, clever usage of time tactics by BC1 (Rob hoofing the ball over the fence), genius passing manoeuvres by BC1, domination of midfield by BC1 and the luck of BC2’s keeper, the final whistle blew.

BC1 were obviously the winners, but unfortunately its goals that count. BC2 had proved that sometimes luck conquers attainment and effort and had managed to scrape a 1-1 draw by the skids of their pants. 

And then the sun set.



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