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9th June 2010

7.30pm – 8.00pm Belmont United vs BC 1 - 0:5

This was a perfect display of a team playing as one, it had great goals, excellent blocks, brilliant saves and some dodgy passes......

After some confusion and players not able to play BC1 managed to get 5 starting players and a sub (who had just eaten) but it didn’t matter as they started quickly and the talking between players was outstanding. This gave us the chance to break quickly (yes quickly) which aloud Tom to net his 3 goals and Rob’s 2 goals were a surprise as Swinners played a quick free kick in the centre of the pitch which to his astonishment Rob got his head over the ball and hit a stunner passed the Belmont keeper.

After Tom’s first goal is settled us down well except Downie who was running everywhere with his painful bits (crabs). Belmont started passing the ball and without the rock in goal (Disco) it could have been a different score line but he was also well protected by Ollie and Rob who could play for England (Special Team). Me and Downie started to link well with Tom and it created some space which started to annoy Belmont, this meant they started arguing between themselves but we kept our cool to net a 2 more times.

Even when we started looking tired Disco, Rob and Ollie were passing the ball brilliantly at the back which gave us time to get our breaths back and plan our next attack which lead to another ‘smash, bang and wallop’ from Tom then a relaxed placed finish by Rob to end the game....

All that’s left to say is well done lads, a performance to remember and I hope you take it to the next game.....


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