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Cup Night:  28th April 2009

Ok, so the end of another season and the usual Cup Night.  MK Ed did their normal trick and pulled out last minute so that left 5 teams!  Everyone plays each other once, top 4 to semi’s, then final.  Now Bunky’s has 4 teams in 2 squads, but this stuffed us up, so it was a squad cup.  FC, the red’s made up of BCI & BCIII went the everyone plays the same amount rule taking it in turn to sub.  The greens, .COM made up of BCII & BCIIII went with picking teams that could win the games. 

FC started off against Boca, unlucky to go 1-0 down, but Sean pulled one back with the help of a deflection for a draw.  .COM made a 2 game losing start.  It was all going to hinge on the FC vs. .COM game.  As it stood FC had 1 point (lost 2, drawn 1) and .COM had 0 points (lost 2 with Boca to play after FC).  So it was winner takes all and James Bell scored that winner for .COM with a back-spin fluke!

So FC bottomed the group with 1 point.  Rob being sent off to giving the ref what he deserved, a load of abuse, “numpty” and “2 bit c**t” being some of that!  .COM were forth with 3 points and were in to the semis.

Boca (top of table) played MK Hounds (3rd) with Boca going through 2-0 on pens after a 1-1 draw in normal play.  MK Galaxy (2nd) played .COM (4th).  After normal play and taking a lead it ended 1-1.  I have to say the support from the sidelines during the game was awesome and most of it was coming from Boca!  Anyway pen shoot out, best of 3, Danny – scored, MK Galaxy – scored, Tom – Scored, MK Galaxy – Disco saves, James Bell for a place in the final – SCORES!

So a quick break and Boca vs. .COM in the final.  A good fair game, but Boca were just too strong I guess in the end.  4-0 it was, but 2-0 would have been a fair result too.  Runners up – all in green could be proud of a good nights work.

Off to the bar for the presentation !?!?!?  Enough said. 

Bunky Chollox did win the Fair Play Cup for the 3rd time in 5 years, with both squads finishing the season with 8 points – another well done.

Well that’s it for another year, pictures can be found on the Pictures tab.

Special to mention to Ben for chip and beer delivery and Paul for bringing the spectators, ok spectator, chip guzzling girlfriend Marisa.



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