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19th Feb 2008 BCII 0-5 BCIIII

Captain Neil's Man of the Match:   Downie
Captain Neil's Match Summary: 
For a start, BCIIII were the better team, hats off. I thought there were lots of positives in our team. All we need to do is play more together. I thought personally that my finishing has come on in leaps and bounds. A couple of dubious decisions went against us early on (the curse of the green shirt). Perhaps we should play skins, hats and gloves allowed though in the winter months. I’d write more about the match, but I can’t remember anything when I leave the pitch. Can’t remember much when I’m on it either, especially which goal to shoot in. 

Stand in captain


Voting Players Man of the Match: Downie

Captain Rogers Man of the Match:  
Alex and Disco joint 
Captain Rogers Match Summary: 
No Rolfie or Martyn saw a different line up for BC4 this week with Disco in goal, Daz and Brett in defence, Daryl in new holding midfield position, with Dwanye in midfield and Alex up front. 

A hesitant start from the boys in this much hyped match, BC4 did not really start playing the footy we know they are capable of until we went a goal up – great finish from Alex.  

The goal cushion seemed to spur the lads on and we started passing the ball around nicely although without really carving through BC2. The second goal, another great finish from Alex seemed to really kill off the game by half time. A superb OG effort from stand in Captain Biggs(best one I have seen for a long time!), and Alex completing his at trick with final well placed long range effort from Daz secured the 3 points with a 5-0 win.

Now what the score does not show was a superb night between the sticks for both Disco on our side, keeping it to a clean sheet for BC4 and Richy in BC2 without whom the score could have been a lot, lot higher – I counted at least 7 one on one saves – if he was not MOM for BC2 there is no justice!! Good performances from all outfield players on BC4 side – particularly Daryl who was forced into a defensive midfield role for the first time – great team performance and importantly another 3 points for the season

So does this result answer the question as to who the real Bunky “Ultimates” are ……..?

 Voting Players Man of the Match:  Daz  

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