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18th March 2008 BCIIII vs. Superfly FC

BCIIII 4-1 Superfly FC

Captain Rolfe Man of the Match:   
A variation on MOM but with same initials - Men Of the Moment - the supporters ( what a turn out thank you )  , the team ( great game )  and Alex ( Quality finishing )

Captain Rolfe Match Summary: 
Well what can I say - it was my last competitive game for the mighty Bunky's and very proudly I was able to go out on a strong win.

The team as a whole played very well which was emphasised by how tricky it was to allocate MOM points . Disco - as solid as a rock (and I am not suggesting a 80's dance off to Ashford and Simpson)
Daz - in good form and a good frame of mind not sure why as his car seemed to have a internal exhaust leak for when he arrived and opened his door this plume of smoke floated out !
Danny - in the right place at the right time be that going forward or covering the back. Dwayne and Alex a very lethal combination.

A confident start , smart passing , running on and off the ball, probing from all angles it was like watching Arsenal in their full glory. The ball being pinged about from player to player it was a surprise that the crowd were shouting Ole !  A smidge of frustration crept in - accompanied by a tad of concern that the stout defence of Super fly was not going to be penetrated - a couple of counterattacks that tested Disco deepened the worry even more and the crowd were feeling it as the silence of dread descended.........................and then a slick passing move put through the old man ( Rolfie for those who need clarification )  running from deep a shot just wide closely followed by another opportunity  that was struck better , the goalie was beaten but alas the post was not. The crowd became excited by the prospect of the retiring terrier scoring in his last game, the atmosphere rose and the team responded and Alex slotted one into the corner.

The pressure ebbed away and BC were motoring now - Dwayne made and scored a individual goal by a fine tackle to win the ball, silky skills to get past a defender and a confident strike to see the net bulge ! Dwayne is a enigma -  someone who can make 3 tackles each worthy of a booking but walk away without getting a single yellow card , I wish I could do that ........!

The game was up for Super Fly - BC were dominating Rolfie even had a couple more good shooting opportunities only to be rebuffed by great goal keeping ( you git ) . Soon it was 3 - 0 and then the best goal of the night - every player was involved - Disco to Daz , Daz to Dan ,  Dan to Rolfie , off the boards to Dwayne, step-over to Alex who did another step-over leaving Danny at the back post to slot home - great goal !

Feeling charitable Bunky's decided to all stand still (possibly considering the after match snack selection )and not bother to mark any of the Super-Fly players during a free kick and despite Disco's heroic dive a consolation goal was scored.

4 - 1 against a Super-fly team that had it all young and old, big and small , happy and sad - I do apologise to the one with a bruised leg but the perfect football evening would not of been complete without a Rolfie challenge somewhere...............................................!

Like at the end of Only Fools and Horses - we walked of into the sunset ( the Shenley Bar ) and proceeded to enjoy the wealth ( Comradery & Scratchings ) that we have in the land of Bunky Chollox - long may it reign!

Voting Players Man of the Match: 

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