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29th Jan 2008 BCIII vs. Superfly FC

BCIII 17-0  Superfly FC

They only had 4 players!

Captain Gaz Man of the Match:   Disco !!! Ha! Sean.

Captain Gaz Match Summary: 

Following on from the stunning victory Tuesday night, I thought a full match report was a little unnecessary, so instead, here are a few key facts relating to Bunky's in the league ...

  • BCIII scored more goals in ONE game than either BCI, BCII or BCIV have scored ALL SEASON
  • The main BCIII striker scored more goals in this ONE game - on his OWN - than any other player from any other BC team has scored ALL SEASON
  • First and only time in BC history that the entire outfield team have each scored in the same game, including any substitutes that played!
  • The greatest winning margin that Shenley has seen.
  • The most goals scored in a single game in Shenley history
  • During the BCIII/BCI friendly afterwards, BCIII rocked - and hammered BCI
  • BCIII really, really taught BCI a lesson. Despite Rich constantly shouting 'nil-nil'

Voting Players Man of the Match:  Sean 

Below follows that anonymous one-liners!

Am well impressed we showed the composure to destroy 4 man team and score on average every 1.5 minutes of the game – “statto … statto”!!!!  - Mark Rogers


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