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26th Feb 2008 BCIII vs. Boca Shenley

BCIII 0-6  Boca Shenley

Captain Sean Man of the Match:  Disco

Captain Sean Match Summary: 
Good game of football in parts by both teams spoilt and made worse as the game progressed by the referee.  Clinical Boca finishing didn't help.  A few sloppy passes along the way helped even less.  Joel missed a pen early on.  The referee though is what this game will be remembered for.  4 yellows and a red for Boca, 3 yellows for BCIII.  Most a joke, but he says the Reds always know best and never do anything wrong and if he doesn't show cards then we only moan.  Just a joke.  Danny's and Dwayne's yellow cards have been correctly withdrawn by the watching league organiser.  Chris's for retaliation stands.  All of Boca's cards stand.  The ref turned what is usually a good game between the two sides in to a war zone.  Not saying we deserved to win, but we didn't do ourselves any favours getting involved in the bull'gaz' going on.  On to the next game chaps!  Hopefully the man in the middle will have been on a referring course.

Voting Players Man of the Match:  Disco

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