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25th Sept 2007 BCIII vs. MK Galaxy

BCIII 4-1 MK Galaxy

Captain Gaz Man of the Match:  Joel
Captain Gaz Match Summary: 
After a slightly shaky opening few minutes, not unexpected with a new team and wet pitch - and despite going a goal down, BCIII played some nice football, created a whole host of chances and never looked in trouble. (In fact, was Disco even on the pitch for the second half?).

The signs are there that BCIII should do well this year and, on reflection, the 4-1 scoreline could have been significantly greater as we wasted a couple of chances and hit the post or bar on at least three occasions!

Throughout the game there was plenty of good movement, some well worked openings and solid defending across the entire pitch, and as the match progressed, the team became more fluid with everyone comfortable on the ball in any role. (Except me up front with my shooting. That was a bit poor. Although Joel, you can't really talk, can you. And at least we had the bottle to have a go, Danny. So, well played Chris, Disco and Sean.).

Best bit : That no-one has a clue who scored. Joel claimed two, Chris certainly celebrated one, Sean bagged a couple, their 'keeper got one.

An excellent start, an important 3 points on the board, confidence is high, and everyone should be looking forward to the next match ... Boca.

Voting Players Man of the Match:  Chris

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