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23rd Oct 2007 BCIII vs. Denbigh Loyals

BCIII 0-1 Denbigh Loyals

Captain Gaz Man of the Match:  Sean
Captain Gaz Match Summary: 
BCIII started the game strongly with enjoyed most of the possession, although created few openings. Denbigh Loyals went 1-0 up with a well taken goal dinked just inside Disco's near post. Perhaps his positioning made the choice easy, but it was a goal we would all have been pretty pleased to score. Unfortunately, and a bit surprisingly, the response was to put our heads down, not talk and try and do too much as individuals.

Although we continued to hold the ball for long periods, the chances we created were either wasted completely or sent straight down the 'keeper's throat. His comment "never been so busy" wasn't what most wanted to hear.

To be fair, denbigh worked hard and earned their points, although had little chances (if any?) to increase their goal count. They defended from the front and closed down well at the back. We should have taken something from the match, just based on possession and shots on goal, but we should learn from this and stick to knocking the ball around.

Voting Players Man of the Match:  Gaz/Joel/Sean

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