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9th Oct 2007 BCIII vs. Boca Shenley

BCIII 1-2 Boca Shenley

Captain Gaz Man of the Match:   Chris
Captain Gaz Match Summary: 
Right all, been travelling, so sorry it's late - but it's given me plenty of time for reflection.

We were definitely robbed. Of at least a point! I doubt that Disco will let in two goals like that in one game again. For only our second match together though, we did alright. We definitely controlled the game for the first half of the first half, and the second half of the second half - and more than held our own in between! (Did they look tired to you towards the end? I think so. They were hanging on!)

All in all, it was a good match, (even allowing for the argy bargy) and pretty even I reckon, so next time, we need to stay ahead!

We have something good to build and there is still everything to play for. Can't afford to slip up again though!

Points for performance should have been pretty well spread, although I favour giving Danny all of Disco's for his swan dive in the middle of the match ... but, for me, the evening's MoM was Chris as I can't remember him putting a foot wrong. (Mind you, it's been a week!).

Voting Players Man of the Match:  Chris & Joel

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