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30th Oct 2007 BCII vs. MK Ed

BCII 3-4 MK Ed

Captain Ben's Man of the Match:  
Captain Ben's Match Summary: 
Okay, So I’m getting fed up of writing “if only” match reports, but… 

Having braved Boca and Athletico with outstanding performances, apart from the result, tonight was the night – MK Ed. Traditionally a Bunky’s bogey team, but playing the way we’ve been playing, and knowing how MK Ed play, tonight was the night. Well, it would have been, if the MK Ed we knew had turned up! Three recognisable players in their team showed that a new order has risen in MK Ed, and putting 5 men behind the ball is obviously a thing of the past. 

And didn’t we know it after going 2 – 0 down in no time! 

To be fair, their first goal was a great put through, beating two of our men, and was a perfectly taken strike that gave Richy A no chance. We were all over the place, nervous, reactionary, silent, and not playing as we have been.  

The second goal I’m sure even Richy would agree was gifted to them. Ben was easily beaten but the subsequent shot lacked any kind of pace and should have been dealt with. Perhaps approaching Halloween we should have expected at least one nightmare – unfortunately for Rich it was a howler, and let them get to 2 – 0. 

Matty took a breather, and new signing Super Sub Downie took to the pitch for his first outing in a Bunky’s shirt. It’s fair to say it took him a few minutes to find his feet, but we’ll come on to that later. After 5 mins, Ben swapped with Matty to hide his disgrace at allowing their man through too easily for the second goal. 

Matty had already warned me he’d had a bad day at work – the frustration stated to come out with one of MK Ed’s players, seeing both of them yellow carded. Again, the Ref’s decision was highly questionable – two cards may have been correct, but not knowing what the original foul was for, and then changing your mind is unacceptable. 

Question is, do you let Matty stay on, knowing how fired up he is, and therefore “up for it” or do you see him as a liability? Well, in my book, focussed aggression is a good thing, so go for it…  

Second half and two minutes later and Matty is being cautioned again – thankfully he subbed himself for a cool down. Ben returned to the pitch. However, taking Matty’s place it was less than two minutes before he too was nose to nose with an MK Ed player. Fortunately, he’s turning into an old ba5tard, realised the error of his ways, and walked away – is this a first? Let’s hope so! 

A battling second half saw a great effort from everybody with Spoony putting some great balls through, and everyone hungry to sort the scoreline out.. Steve popped his cherry with a sublime finish from a Spoony through ball to open his goal-scoring account of 2007-2008, closely followed by another. 

Chris came into his own, and made one of the best starts ever to what will hopefully be a long and illustrious Bunky’s career. Great presence and positional play could only have been bettered if he’d finished that last shot to level it 4 – 4, but that was above and beyond the call of duty. 

At 4 -3 down with two minutes to go we could have done it. MK Ed had crumbled and were falling out with each other. However the clock was against us. A last ditch effort from Chris was close, but no cigar. 

So, results so far: 3-1 against Boca, 3 -1 against Shenley, and 4 -3 against MK Ed. Not a perfect start, but if we can stop conceding the early goals, and start getting a few shots on target, we will be unstoppable. Next up is TFC on 13th November.

Voting Players Man of the Match: Steve & Chris Downie

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