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18th March 2008 BCII vs. Boca Shenley

BCII 0-3 Boca Shenley

Captain Ben's Man of the Match:  
"What can I say? With most of the team licking their wounds having played in last weeks 12-2 debacle, and mindful of the controversy of the last game Vs Boca, there was much nervousness as we approached kick-off. A lat team change saw Richy A miss his first competitive match for what seems like decades, with Ben having to drop into the sticks. Other than that it was just Steve missing from the normal line up, ably replaced by Downie - so the starting formation: Ben at the back, Neil and James in defence, Downie and Karl in the mid, and Matty up front.

Right from the kick off it was clearly going to be a battle of attrition - Boca came at us immediately.

And that was pretty much it for the next 26 minutes! Lot's of solid defending and good tackling from all simply frustrtaed Boca from the start. The best indication of this is the one shot we got off on goal - well done Neil - now get back into defence where you belong! They got three good goals, and nearly a fourth when Ben produced the comedy moment of the evening by nearly throwing it into his own net, and we battled valiantly and well.

All in all, a great team performance - you could almost just put the match report from the first BCII Vs Boca of the season click here in place of this report - what happened to the rest of the season???

Captain Ben's Match Summary:   me - but only coz I had the most to do!"

Voting Players Man of the Match:  Ben

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