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4th March 2008 BCII vs. Denbigh Loyals

BCII 2-2 Denbigh Loyals

Captain Neil's Man of the Match:  Matty
Captain Neil's Match Summary: 
Good game, good game. I thought it was a far better performance than two weeks ago. Everyone played well, even the subs. Great to see Matty back bossing the show.

We played our game on the night, not theirs and we deserved a win really. Bring on the next game, the tide is turning.  

I think this is the place to impart some words of wisdom for the team. 

Freddie Ljungberg on having sex before a match

"I usually don't have sex. Not on the same day. I say "no, thanks". I guess that, mentally, I want to keep the feeling in my feet and that's why. I think the feeling sort of disappears out of your feet if you have sex before. I have tried before and my feet felt like concrete when you are supposed to kick the ball."


Voting Players Man of the Match:  Matty

Below follows that anonymous one-liners!


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