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2nd Oct 2007 BCII vs Boca Shenley

BCII 1-3 Boca Shenley

Captain Ben's Man of the Match:   It may be cheesy, but the whole team gets it on this occasion: Richy A, Neil, Phil, Matty, Steve, Tom, Richy Moss and Graham. I think this is born out by how hard the voting was, and how the individual scores turned out - check the website for details!

Captain Ben's Match Summary: 
 "What can I say? New season, new team, new astroturf (nice and slippy) and Boca as our first opponents - some challenge!

Right from the start it was clear that everyone was up for this match - no quarter was given, and BCII frustrated Boca from the start. Great defending from Neil, and good tracking back from Phil and Matty made us tight at the back, though we suffered a little as Steve was left alone up front frequently, enjoying the physical challenges!

I can't remember the first goal so I wont comment on it! However, until that point we were doing a great job of keeping Boca at bay, with the odd charge up front - often lead by Neil!!! Matty took a break, and on came Tom.

Constant defending and pressure form Bunky's saw Phil take a great goal from the edge of the area - was it Ronaldo style skill or just luck the way he trapped the ball - who cares - he finished it off and opening his account for the 07 / 08 season.

Sloppy defending by Ben left Pat free on his own - he doesn’t need a second chance, and neatly slotted past Richy A into the top corner - a shot he had no chance of stopping. Second substitution of the night saw Ben leave the pitch just before half time to be replaced by Richy Moss, taking a position in the defensive line up.

After a shaky two minutes things settled down, and we continued to frustrate Boca. Midway through the second half saw Boca win a dubious free kick. The only thing we were guilty of on the night was not holding onto the ball until we were set - something Boca capitalised on. A quickly taken free kick saw Pat strike a goal. A deflection left Richy A with no chance of getting to it, and the score was 3 - 1 to Boca.

A battling second half with Graham seeing action as well as Neil susbituting and Matty returning to the pitch saw the game out at 3-1 - it could so easily have been 3 - 2, but Chris "the cat" Passmore made two great saves, and one flukey one which saw the ball bounce off the underside of the crossbar.

A harder physical, and more demanding start to the season I doubt you could have. The score could easily have been 2 -2 or 3 -2 to Boca, but at 3 -1 down we did not disgrace ourselves. Rarely has a Bunky's team been more up for a game, and played with such enthusiam and passion. The tough challenges, flying elbows, and niggly nature of the match just made for more effort! Keeping this passion, and building on the teamwork will make BC II a team to be reckoned with this year - bring it on!

*one big caveat - I can barely remember large parts of the game, despite shouting myself horse at everyone - if somethings glaringly wrong, feel free to correct me!"

Voting Players Man of the Match:   Phil

Below follows that anonymous one-liners!


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