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25th Sept 2007 BCI vs Boca Shenley

BCI 0-4 Boca Shenley

Captain Spoony Man of the Match:  Tom
Captain Spoony Match Summary: 
A good opening game performance all things considered for Bunkys 1

With no subs, a new team that had never played together previously, and some players just getting use to the pace of Tuesday night football, all contributed to a recipe of a big thrashing, especially when playing the league favourites.

However it was very solid at the back (with the one exception for their 4th goal when they just strolled through the middle) and a good level of attacking play from both defenders.

Ben was excellent in goal, and pulled off at least 2 great saves that would have been certain goals if it were not for his quick reactions, and he also got his hands to at least 2 of their goals, but couldn’t stop them from going in.

The O.G – Well I put my hands up for that, a nice planted ball right into the bottom corner, the keeper stood no chance !

Steve was a work horse as you expect, and I think Graeme was hit by fitness, due to not playing a game at that pace for a while, but that will improve. 

All in all, I was pleased that we all worked hard, with the unlucky OG, and Steve hitting the post towards the end, we could have easily walked away with only a 3 goal loss, which is very respectable, when you consider some of the score lines Boca had last year. 

Voting Players Man of the Match:  Tom

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