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25th March 2008 BCI vs. Denbigh Loyals

BCI 2-0  Denbigh Loyals
Captain Spoony's Match Summary:    First half - Summed up with some good team spirit, lots of hard work and getting stuck in. Outstanding performance from Ben the Panther in the first half, with a string of good saves, all thanks to his new sticky gloves. A bit more time needed on the ball from the outfield players, but the pitch was very slippy and took a little while to get use to.
Second half - a bit more controlled, still all a bit rushed, but we were able to break from the back, pass the ball around, plenty of movement on the pitch from everyone.
A well battled first goal, thanks to Justins persistence on the right, which resulted in the ball coming across the front of the goal, which I managed to put away.

A defensively minded team approach for much after that, with a second goal coming from a lucky quick break from defence, springing the offside trap, and managing to get a toe on it, before they did.
I went off puffing and panting like a fat girl whose had too much cake, leaving the calm controlled rest of the team, to safely guide Bunkys 1 to their first propper league win of the season.
All round excellent game and a joy to be part of.

Captain Spoony's Men of the Match:
Ben - Superb in goal as always
Justin - pushed up from time to time, and gave everything he had to make sure his primary role in defense was not compromised
Karl - was solid at the back, again pushing forward to support the middle, but gave Ben options and was comfortable on the ball - My Man of the Match
Tom - steady right foot as always, held the middle well, and stopped them from coming forward time after time
James - bags of energy, threatening in front of goal, and still able to support defense everytime he was needed
Downie - A super sub..... needed a load of energy right at the end, thank god he was there to come on
Team hugs all round.......Hoorah !!!!!!

Voting Players Man of the Match: Spoony

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