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22nd April 2008 BCI vs. BCIII


Captain Spoony (pp. Rob) Man of the Match:  hard to decide this one, but joint between Tom, Karl, Mayson, Nixon, Ben Justin and Me

Captain Spoony (pp. Rob) Match Summary: 
It was a bigger game that the amateurs playing in the champions league.
It was bigger than the FA cup final,
It was even bigger that the amount of profit Shenley have made from Bunky's in the last 14 years.
It was the Bunky I v Bunky III derby game.
Kick off started the game (as per usual) and the cursed green shirts seemed to have a bit of a hold of the game,  until the reds scored.
Then again with a lucky toe-punt bobble which managed to elude Ben's grip  - no skill involved in that goal, just luck.
Then BCI came back with force. A pass from the back to Justin, a tap to Rob, a flick to Tom, a toe-punt by Tom to bobble it into the left side of the goal in much similar circumstances as the reds', but with a lot more class.
Then the reds scored yet another lucky goal, by a few spawny passes and rebounds, they found themselves with a chance at goal that couldn't be missed - so they didn't.
As the game went on - it was getting heated, with Joel trying to call obstructions after running directly into Tom, Danny holding the ball when it was a BCI free kick,  then the atmosphere took a new turn. A ball thru on the left from someone (can't remember), tapped between Gaz' legs (with the call of 'nuts') to Tom, who slotted it away nicely.
Obviously the ref was a Red so he quickly blew up for full time shortly after this as he knew the greens were about to build up momentum and spank them hard.

Et Vóila yet again the reds cheat their way to success and the curse lives on for the greens.

Voting Players Man of the Match:  Ben/Tom

Captain Gaz Man of the Match:  
Captain Gaz Match Summary: 

Voting Players Man of the Match:   Danny

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