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2006 - Div 2 Charity Cup night.

BCII went out to Boca Shenley 2-0 in the semi-final after some fine performances along the way.

2-0 winners over Athletico MK, Rogers & Joel on the score sheet.

1-0 winners over Old Man Asthmatic, Rogers with his 2nd of the night.

3-0 losers to Athletico Shenley meant BCII were runners up of Group B to play winners of Group A Boca Shenley.

BCII lost 2-0 to Boca Shenley in the semi-final.

Boca went on to beat Athletico Shenley 2-0 in the final, well done Boca, well done Craig for being the only member of Athletico to hang around to collect his runner-up trophy and well done to Bunky's for again being the only other team to be in the bar come the end of proceedings!

Official Match report to follow, hopefully.

Captain Rogers Match Summary: 
Captain Rogers Man of the Match: 


All results can be found via All Teams Fix/Res on Fix/Res page.

Below follows that anonymous one-liners!


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