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2006 - Div 1 Charity Cup night.

So once again charity cup night was upon us.  BCIII had managed to get through the 1st round without kicking a ball, but BCI eased through after beating Old Man Asthmatic 1-0 with a half-way line special from Daz putting them in to the q-finals.

BCIII first game was against MK Ed in the quarters-finals.  Swinners scoring the only goal in a 1-0 win.

BCI quarter-final match was against Denbigh Loyals.  After a tight game and a 0-0 score line it was to be decided on pens, we lost 3-0!

BCIII semi-final saw us up against Athletico Shenley, losing 4-2, Gaz scoring 1 with Swinners the other.

So on to the final (which in case you're not keeping up we weren't in).  Boca Shenley beat Athletico Shenley 2-0.  Well done Boca and well done Bunky's for as usual being the only other team in the bar other than those collecting trophies.

On to next week and Div 2 Charity Cup.....


Official Match report to follow, hopefully.

Captain Danny Match Summary:  Great support & plenty of effort in the 2 games, unlucky in the penalty lottery to see us back in the bar earlier than we hoped.
Captain Danny Man of the Match: 
Daz - Across the 2 games he played consistently well, don't recall him losing possession or misplacing a pass all night, topped off with a great goal.

Captain Gaz Match Summary & MOM: 

BC3 v MK Ed.

Dominated the game, got the tactics spot on, plenty of effort, shots, good football - got the winner near the end they deserved but should have been comfortable by half-time.  Well taken goal by Swinners - MOM.

BC3 v Athletico Shenley

Started comfortably, took an early lead and the game seemed to be destined for a finely balanced match between two old rivals. Unfortunately, the ref. decided he was bigger than the game and took centre stage with ridiculous decisions, blatent mis-judgements, borderline incompetence - all of which conspired to hand Shenley a couple of goals and deny Bunky's a crucial equaliser at 2-1 down.

Swinners late consolation meant little.

MOM - Martin

All results can be found via All Teams Fix/Res on Fix/Res page.

Below follows that anonymous one-liners!


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