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23rd Jan 2007 - BCIII vs. MK Ed


Ian between the sticks, Swinners and Martyn in the middle of the park, Rich running about up front Russ and Ben (in for Gaz) keeping guard on the D.

But enough of that…and pay attention.

First and foremost...Russ scored.

Yep, Russ Scored.

He did!

I'm not sh*tting you! Seriously!

We have witnesses! The rest of the team, most of BC I and of course the ref will vouch for it honest!

It was a fairly relaxed match, players cautious with their footing on the half frozen pitch. MK ED had their trademark 'guy who doesn't have a club shirt so plays in colours to match the ref.' but at least it wasn't their main striker this week. A slow start from both teams, but the game ebbed and flowed ok. Swinners opened the BC account with a nicely struck mid ranger early in the second half which also served to raise MK ED's game a little. A few good attacks on the BC goal were bravely snuffed out by Ian, back from a twisted knee incident from two weeks ago.

Calm defending and fluid movement from BC game them the lion's share of possession, and an uncharacteristic forward pressurising game plan kept MK ED pinned down in their half quite well. An opportunistic run up the right wing from Russ put lead to some scrambling defensive play from MK ED,  a loose ball drifted over and Russ dinked it passed the keeper to a roaring crowd. Only his second ever league goal in 13 seasons was celebrated in style and it was 2-0.

MK ED put on a brave face and brought the game back to Bunkys, but to no avail. A well worked, and desperately needed 3 points for BC III for sure.

Captain Gaz Man of the Match: 

Below follows that anonymous one-liners!


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