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20th March 2007 - BCIII vs. Athletico MK

BCIII 3-0 Atheltico MK

Okay, so everyone knows Gaz rates players for the Bunky's Fantasy Footy Competition, Min -5 with max +5 over your usual game starting at 0.  Here's how Russ saw the game:

BC III (3-0 win)
Gaz -3
Ian -2
Will -1
Sean -1
Russ 7
Martyn -2
Ben -1
Gaz - static at the back, no initiative and made a ridiculous cross 'D' pass to Russ which was about 10 yards away straight to the opposition.
Ian - barely had anything to do due to Russ cleaning up like a Latvian immigrant. Poor distribution and quite frankly, to much moaning.
Will - normally the powerhouse of the BC III score line, only managed 2 goals. well below par.
Sean - A lucky goal that came from a spinning toe punt. At one point he was seen to be leaning on the boards chatting with the BC1 players.
Russ - 28 blocks, two assists and ran himself so ragged in his relentless efforts, he had to come off just after half time. The hero of the hour showed his commitment by bringing on fresh legs. A class act for sure.
Martyn - Didn't really touch the ball. Was more visible in the bar afterwards.
Ben - not enough time to make much of an impact, and was very hard to fill Russ's boots. So much so he slotted into the midfield instead. Not what we expect from the talented defender.

Captain Gaz One Liner: 
Good to get a win - and on the back of another good performance. Controlled, calm, with Ian only asked to pull out one excellent save.
Captain Gaz Man of the Match:  Great first goal from Will .... Everyone played well but MoM goes to Martin.

Below follows that anonymous one-liners!


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