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6th Feb 2007 - BCIII vs. BCI


Left click here to watch or right click and 'Save Target As...' here, this option the better as you can watch to your hearts content over and over again....

Match report to follow, hopefully.

Captain Gaz:  A game for the purist. Good football, both teams comfortable, BCI played the better football throughout without really penetrating. BCIII edged the first half - but with BCI closing a bit more in the second, the equaliser was more than deserved. On the balance of play, a draw was a fair result, although both teams seem more concerned about losing than winning.

Two great goals, though.

My votes (and in an unprecendented move, I'm also voting for one of their players ...);

BCI        Swinners
BCIII        Disco

Captain Danny:  Some of the most composed, simple passing football this season from both sides, shooting from range though which meant the keepers came out on top.
A chance or two for either side to pinch the 3 points but in the end a draw was the right result.

BC1 MOM - Disco
& Ian would take the plaudits for BC3 as I believe both 'keepers were the key players for both sides.

Gaz - I assume that you meant BC1 edged the first half & BC3 the second?

Below follows that anonymous one-liners!


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