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3rd Oct 2006 - BCIII vs. Boca Shenley

BCIII 1-1 Boca Shenley

After Witnessing a Superb Performance by Bunky's I it was the turn of Bunky's III to take to the field against Boca Shenley another new team to join the League but with a few familiar faces to Bunky's as the Team has been formed by players from the Athletico Shenley Split and a few new faces. Though whoever it was who decided on the Kit for Boca, I think Ordered Cycling Tops and Not Football Tops hence the look of them on some of the Players.

So due to the New Bunky Kit not arriving, The Bunky team were organised to ear White Shirts and with Boca also wearing White with a stripe of Yellow going across, Bibs were required and out came the Yellow (Good One Ray) Bibs, So you would think Boca would put the Bibs on, But No, It was Bunky's who were asked to put the Bibs on just to confuse things even more. The game finally was ready to Kick Off.

With Manager Gaz away, Mossy led the Team which had, Ian in Goal, Ian making a welcome return to Bunky's after a few years away from the game due to a Serious Knee Problem, Martyn and at Russ at the back, Mossy holding the Middle and upfront we had Swinners and Adam. Martyn, Swinners and Adam all making their Chollox debuts.

The game kicked off very fast and it was Boca were keen to get some early shots in on the Bunky's Goal but Martyn and Russ managed to get good tackles in when players tried to break through, when that failed the long ranged shots came in which Ian was able to look after. There was plenty of noise from the Chollox Spectators, Many of the players from the Earlier Bunky game had stayed on to support the lads and of course to watch their League Rivals. And it wasn't long before a Mexican Wave attempt was tried, But it failed !! And it wasn't long before Bunky players swapped White Tops for Red Shirts and then the Bunky's Magic Began !!

The attacking line of Swinners and Adam was working well, with the 2 continuously working the ball around to each other with Mossy in support. Bunky's were awarded a Free Kick for a Foul which resulted in a good Swinners Shot being well saved by "The Cat", Mossy also having a chance saved after a breakout from Defence by himself.

Then came one of the best goals seen from a Bunky's player and it was a player making his debut who done it. Swinners played the Ball to Adam 5 Yards outside the Penalty Area in the middle of the field, Adam with his back to Goal, Flicked the Ball up, juggled the ball across to his other foot, turned and smashed a low shot the Bottom Right hand corner of the Net which gave "The Cat" No Chance at all. A few half chances from both sides then came before the Half Time Whistle was Called with Bunky's 1-0 Up.

The 2nd Half started and Boca who weren't happy to find themselves losing started to become more physical towards the Bunky Players. Bunky's kept cool and were always pushing the Boca Shenley play back into their own half of play as Martyn attacked more as Mossy covered for him and Russ controlled the rest.

Boca were getting more and more frustrated and the 1st Yellow Cards were shown to a Boca player for continuous Foul Play and a few moments later Mossy was barged into the Boards with Huge Force whilst shielding the ball defending resulting in the 2nd Yellow Card being shown. As the Clock ticked away the Fouls became more and that meant more Free Kick chances for Bunky's but the shots were saved by "The Cat". Another Foul on Mossy resulted in himself coming off to be replaced by Matty with 2 Minutes left, Poor Mossy who had been on the end of some bad challenges all through the game Stunned the Bunky Spectators with the Words "I'm Coming Off before someone gets Tw**ed" Boca didn't have any Subs available to use in the whole game tried to get through the Defence but Martyn and Russ had it all under control, but any gap that did get left by the defence was well looked after by Ian.

Just as it seemed Bunky's were going to hold on for the win came Heartache !!. Bunky's broke down the left and Swinners was fouled but managed to keep on his feet, Ray played the advantage as he still had control of the Ball and the attack came to nothing, so instead of calling play back, he allowed play to continue which resulted in a Boca player cutting inside on the left and firing a shot which crept inside Ian's Near Post to leave Bunky's Players Fuming as play should of been called back as No advantage had been gained from the Bunky's attack, Bunky's argued rightly but the Goal stood and then 30

Seconds Later Ray Blew his Whistle and Boca Shenley new they had gained a lucky 1-1 Score Line. A great battling performance from all of BC III to continue the earlier work from BC I. A Good Night for Bunky Chollox FC. Next week its BC II who start its campaign against Athletico Shenley - Kick Off 8.30pm.

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