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22nd May  2007 - Div 2 Cup Night

Well another fun Cup Night.  What with Blue Shell City already out of the league, MK Utd and MK Ed also couldn't be bothered to turn out, so it left 5 teams in this years cup.  Each team to play each other once, with semi's and final as usual.

BCII drew their first 3 games before losing 1-0 to Boca in the final group game.  Boca Shenley won the mini-league and played 3rd place Athletico Shenley in the first semi-final winning on penalties.  2nd placed Old Man Asthmatic played 4th placed BCII in the other semi, BCII losing 3-0.  Denbigh Loyals were 5th in the group and went home early.  Boca went o to thrash Old Man 6-0 in the final, oh how it could have been!

Deputy Captain Sean Match Summary:  Well done to the few that turned out to play/support.  Again another BCII team made up of fellow squad members with Rob, Rogers and Rolfe all missing.  It was scrappy at times, with a few good comebacks for draws!!!  but BCII just didn't have the legs to finish the job.  A full turn out by BC in the bar for the awards though, so yet again there was only one winning team last night, well done chaps!
Deputy Captain Sean Man of the Match: 
Sean, someone else do a report and tell me different, nah that wont happen!

Below follows that anonymous one-liners!


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