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10th Oct 2006 - BCII vs. Athletico Shenley

BCII 1-0 Athletico Shenley

So the league has finally started – new rules, old rules, under head height, over head height, will they, won’t they, Div 1, Div 2 - who cares!? BC2 became the 3rd BC team this season to kick off a league game (a proud day indeed as club’s expansion plans continues to gather momentum)  

The Big Question - would the endless training sessions, and no break over the summer for the BC boys, pay dividends?  Well, in a word – YES! BC2 beat Athletico Shenley in the season opener 1-0 and maintained the club’s unbeaten start to the season 

BC2 lined up with Richy A in goal, new defensive partnering of Rob and Rolfie, Rogers and Ben playing side by side in midfield with Sean “the legs” De Fraine up top! 

Bunkies started slowly with short spells of possession without creating any real opportunities on goal. Athletico passed the ball around well and were very difficult to break down, although early on they also didn’t create much in the final third. 

Further into the first half a few chances started to open up, with Sean finding the Athletico keeper in good form on more than one occasion. Some great play off the boards left Rogers in front of an open goal whose first time hit found the arms of the recovering keeper at the near post! Athletico found it hard to break down the BC defence and due to some good shutting down and tackling by Rolfie, Rob and Ben meant Shenley had to resort to long range strikes none of which troubled Rich. 

As the game went into the second half – still 0-0 – Bunkies midfield sat deeper and deeper leaving Sean isolated when the ball did go forward. The game became a battle of keepers with Richy and the Athletico keeper (Craig I think his name was!) trying to out do each other. My vote – Richy  - he made 3 or 4 excellent saves – most of which were one on one. As well as Rogers “sitter” Sean and Danny(2nd half sub for Ben)  also spurned chances that on another night they would have taken 

Just as we hoped to hold on for the clean sheet and 1 point, following some good defensive play and a pass out of the back, Rogers cut in from the right wing and shot left footed across the keeper to the far post. The keeper got a hand to it but couldn’t keep the effort out. The defence – including Danny – held out to keep all 3 points and start with a clean sheet. It was great to see BC2 grind out a winning start to the season 

The Managers final words on the matter – “It was a great defensive team performance (credit to Richy, Rob and Rolfie in particular) and a good winning start to the new season. We need to build on this result and as well as make it difficult for other teams to break us down attack in numbers to create more chances at the other end”

Captain Rogers Man of the Match:  Richy A for keeping clean sheet in opening game and making at least 3 x one on one saves

Below follows that anonymous one-liners!


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