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20th March 2007 - BCI vs. Boca Shenley

BCI 1-6 Boca Shenley

Match report to follow, hopefully.

Captain Danny Match Summary:  Undone by some very accurate early shooting from the opposition, we needed to close down early & this was not the case for the opening 3 goals conceded. The rest of the match was fairly even & I believe a 3-1 loss would be appropriate.
Additional Note - I would like to state that I feel it better to "have a go" rather than purely defend with very little chance in holding out for a 0-0. In Boca, every player is capable of scoring from range if not closed down, lesson to be learnt maybe but overall happy that we had a go at them.
Hold your heads up team, play the same way for the rest of the season & we have the capacity to win every game.

Captain Danny Man of the Match:  Neil

Below follows that anonymous one-liners!


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