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15th May 2007 - Div 1 Cup Night

BCI and BCIII results available via Fix/Res.  BCI lost on pens to Boca Shenley in the semi-finals.  BCI conceded only 1 goal in their 3 group games.  BCIII failed to make the semi's finishing 3rd in the group.  Boca Shenley went on to beat Athletico Shenley 1-0 in the Final.

100's of Bunky's.
* the dude in the forground ended up in hospital!

Captain Danny's BCI Evening Summary: 

A great team night, everyone relaxed & ready for it, personally I thoroughly enjoyed a great cup night.

Daz in goal kept us in it at times, plenty of chat to the defenders in front, superb.
Neil & Justin tackled & blocked with everything they had, calm under pressure and passed well all night.
Phil ran his legs off, intelligent play with & without the ball, very composed.
Steve’s movement up front was excellent, always available & a real test for the defenders.
The subs Rob & Chris covered well when needed, 3rd game as a midfield pair which was great to watch.

BC1 were unfortunate to go out on penalties as the performance deserved a place in the final.

SDF summed up the night as we came off the pitch a the end “You lot play well as a team”
Great to have the rest of BC there to support & encourage, the team on the pitch really appreciated it.

Captain Gaz's BCIII Evening Summary: 

BCIII never really got started - played some good football for a few minutes in each game, but really didn't do enough to qualify beyond the group stage, despite a valiant effort at the end.

MoM : Ian

Below follows that anonymous one-liners!


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