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3rd Oct 2006 - BCI vs. Old Man Asthmatic

BCI 3-0 Old Man Asthmatic

By the time I arrived, the BC I players were ready and waiting in their old 'red' kit as we watched the second half of the first game of the '06-'07 league season playing out. The mood was light and confident with good support from the BC III team.

The Mighty Bunky Chollox were playing the new and unknown team 'Old Man Asthmatic'. It was clear they had named their team after their loyal and no doubt committed goal keeper who seemed to fit the description well. Either that or he was the brother of the cocky MK ED keeper/old-timer we know so well. The rest of their team could have done with a little more effort with their outfits, but this is about the beautiful game, not the beautifully coordinated uniforms. They looked young and fit and ready to play, but the BC faithfulls have seen it all before so confidence remained high.

Danny's well oiled machine consisted of Neil and Jus at the back, Daz holding the middle with the Captain, and Steve making his first League match start up front. With Disco and his magic gloves between the sticks and the Right Honourable Raymondo presiding, we were ready to open the campaign.

7:45pm: Kick off! Not the shaky starts of old, not the confused and panicky play we've seen at so many season starts, the summer training was clear to see and there was evidence from every player. The young opposition seemed quite desperate to make a mark early on, with a light footed fellow (who had obviously not read his emails telling him not to wear his tatty old light blue tracky bottoms) chasing every ball, hounding our defence with and without the ball. The pressure was certainly on and the tempo was fast.

For a short while their defence was holding against some average attempts to break them down, that was until Daz took control, held the ball up nicely as Danny made a well timed run down the left. A perfect cross pitch pass found Danny's left foot and on the first touch he lifted it into the right side of the net, through the hands of their keeper. A good start.

Controversy rained as Jus took a tumble which he was clearly not happy about. Some wide armed gesturing towards the Ref. saw no sympathy and the play continued. Just a few moments later Jus made what looked like a good interfering tackle against the very player who knocking him over just minutes before, and the Ref. blew for a free kick… much to Daz's, and everyone's amazement! Mild mannered Daz took an unusual stance of exclaiming his disgust with a few well chosen, loud, expletives… which earned him a yellow card…. But to his credit, he took it well and it only seeded to spur him on for the rest of the match.

Later in the second half, we were awarded a free kick, nice and central just a few yards from their 'D'… Danny placed the ball down and waited for Ray to position the other teams defenders the correct distance from the ball… or did he..??? No, absolutely not. With Daz waiting to his left, and the opposition all complaining to Ray, the ball was tapped sideways and Daz's shot was a no brainer. Nicely done…2-0.

With Steve playing his first full match for BC, he was causing some trouble down the right and seemed to be getting as good as we all know he can give… but this was only in keeping with the rest of the quite physical match.

With Daz still fired up, it wasn't long before he pulled of a trademark play from the middle, past a couple of players and from a little into their half, it was 3-0. Solid defending under pressure kept the score line safe and the clean sheet was well deserved.

Let's hope this becomes a 'classic' BCI performance, and sets the tone for the rest of us.

Captain Danny Match Summary:  Almost a prefect game to get the season off on the right foot......a minor (Tasmanian Devil like outburst) disagreement with the ref saw a yellow for Daz
Captain Danny Man of the Match:  Justin - Boundless energy & crunching in the tackle

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