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Manager's Rant !!! As we don't have a dressing room, the Managers are invited to make their comments known through the power of the web.  Will Gaz (BCI manager) and Rogers (BCII manager) have a hate relationship Mourinho/Wenger style or will it be more of a loving Graham Taylor/Bobby Robson affair.  Check back here regularly for their program notes.

(20/1/06) Danny's (not a manager I know) reply to the MK ED Match reports.  Click here

(16/11/05) Gaz -
"We looked scared tonight" here

(9/11/05) Rogers - "8-2 vs. Inter Minan - what can anyone say" here

(2/11/05) Gaz - "Following last week’s defeat, it was evident" here

Russ's reply can be found here.                 
Gaz/Richy M replies to Russ's reply
Russ replies to above

Click here for Gaz's Weekly Match reports.

......and listen to the dressing room banter here, you need sound!!


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