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The Ashes - Athletico vs. Bunky's - 13th August 2005

What was supposed to have been the first of 'The Ashes' games between Bunky's and Athletico turned in to a fiasco!  Due to Sky moving the Everton v Man Utd game, The Ashes kick-off was delayed meaning many players were unable to attend the near 3pm kick-off time (scheduled for 2pm!).  When play did resume Athletico ended up beating Bunky's 3-2.  The whole atmosphere was not what it was supposed to be, so sportingly Athletico Manager Craig and his team have offered to replay the game when full squads and a set in stone kick-off time can be arranged.  Bunky's appreciate their kind gesture and the chance for both teams to participate in what hopefully will be a much better match in the not to distant future.

Watch this space for the re-play details............

The Ashes part 2 - Athletico vs. Bunky's - 6th Sept 2005

Craig and Sean turned up early to burn the badges.  Both burning each others with respect and dignity.  God did they go up, be warned no naked flames near your squad shirts, so along with the thick black smoke drifting into the leisure centre and the ash tray we used smashing due to the heat the evening was going well.  We had to use the sliced lemon tongs from the bar to hold them as the heat was often too much to take (hope they washed it!).  So we had a pile of ash which we placed in the urn, the lid was glued in place and off to the pitch to play for this prestige prize!!

Well if the warm up was anything to go by, Russ, Daz and Rich would have been scoring from the half way line with almost 100% accuracy, Jus would have been wheezing by the 2nd minute and the rest of the team would have been standing watching...

...but sadly that wasn't the case.

Disco, Russ, Rogers, Rich, Daz and Sean made the starting line up, and not a bad start was made. Even with little possession, the doors to the conceded goals' bar were locked tight and a few well timed breaks made it all the way to the safety of Althletico's keepers hands (Chris).

Perhaps that's 'bigging up' our performance a little, but hey... this isn't an Athletico web site now is it!!

All the same, we were under a fair amount of pressure from the young sprightly team... and Craig. To be fair, we had no choice but to be defensive until we settled into it. With out much time with the ball, it's a little tricky to build confidence in any match.

Wayne got Athletico's first with a fine shot from distance, Disco no chance.

Then came the goal which could have been the winner for Athletico... oh sorry, turned out it was.... sorry, didn't realise the ref had made a decision, must have been difficult to see from the side line, my mistake, I thought he was in the area, as did Disco.... but nobody questioned the ref's decision...  Lee had scored, Athletico 2 Bunky's 0...

We were starting to look a little static in the middle, Rogers and Russ were keeping things moving at the back but with only long ball options (which were nearly always collected by Althletico's Neil) progress was getting frustrating.

Bang! Goal! What the f... Daz had bitch slapped one in from just inside the Athletico half! Did anyone see him get the ball?  Did anyone know he'd loaded his six-shooter with the trigger already cocked? Didn't matter, He'd pulled a Daz special out of the bag and we were back in the game. How does he do it?? This reporter doesn't know.. if he did, he'd have scored more times than a hooker at a Microsoft conference...

Half time came, a few subs, Bottie came on for Daz, Richy A came on for Disco. One sub left and the boys were getting tired.

Neil managed to grab Athletico's 3rd for 3-1 not long after the break.

Bunky's were up against it and time was running out. Bottie had a few chances down the right, but as always, the Athletico keeper wasn't having any of it. Legs were getting tired and the breaks by Athletico were getting harder to track back for. Another attempt by Bottie bounced off of the keeper to where Rich was ready 'Roy of the Rovers' style as he hit the ball Daz'esc so hard into Chris we think it may have gone right through him and into the back of the net... now chasing a 3-2 lead, Justin came on for Rogers... Our last substitution... well timed? Only that time would tell...

A wild shot from Althletico's Frazier met with calls from his team mates to just run down the clock... it mattered not.  By the time the ball was being contested against the boards - time was called.

Athletico 3 Bunky's 2... a great game fit for any cup final... Athletico should be weary...they might not be so lucky next time...

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Bunky Chollox FC 2014.  Established  1994.  All rights reserved.