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End of Season Do Summer 2012 Season

Well done all to those that turned out for footy, awards, curry and beer. 

See who won what by clicking here

Recap below..

Keeper of the Year - Disco
Most Improved Striker - Dan Wylie
Golden Boot - Tom
Managers Player of the Year - Brett (Brett/Andy Clark/Sean)
Wizards Player of the Year - Tom
Allstars Player of the Year - Brett
.COM Player of the Year - Paz
Sub of the Year - Dan Wylie
Player of the Year - Neil

Well played all this season, on to the next......

Pictures from Rob.

Dan Wylie - improved striker

Keeper of the year

Golden boot

Managers POY

Sub of Year - Dan Wylie

Wizards POY

Allstars POY


Bunky's Overall Player of the Year




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