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End of Season Bash 2006

So August 19th 2006 was the day Bunky's celebrated another season at Shenley.  A great turn out from players old and new made it a cracking day and evening.  It started with the footy, a must for any EOS bash.  Following the football, where a few picked up small injuries! we went in to the centre for the annual awards ceremony.  This year was like no other, the awards on the big screen, music to match, we, sorry Jon really are giving Sky Sports a run for their money, a massive thanks to Jon for the top quality presentations.  I will post the presentations once they have been sized.

Ryan's Award 2006 - Gaz and Rolfe for the Spoony FHM Stitch-up.
Click here to view the video of wind-up.
Click here to see Video of nominees.

Managers player of the Year 2006 - Justin Long - Click here

BCI player of the Year 2006 - Gareth Davies - Click here

BCII player of the Year - Justin Long - Click here
Overall player of the Year 2006 - Gareth Davies - Click here

Photo of the Year 2006 - Richard Moss - FHM Girls - Click here

Mileage of the Year 2006 - Sean de Fraine, 14,331 miles - Click here

Clubman of the Year 2006 - Richard Armstrong for 100% attendance to all
competitive BCI and BCII games - Click here

With the awards presented the players departed, to reconvene at First Base in City Limits to blow the rest of the subs on beer!!  A cracking turn out.  Nearly all squad members present plus Jon, Julian, Rob, Lee, Swinners and Adam made it a great evening.  Pool was the game for the evening and after 6 hours worth, numerous games of 'killer' over with, the drink finally kicked in and the classic dancing and comedy moments started.  We stayed till it shut, we asked the police where the kebab vans had gone, we got it  cabs and went home....all except Rob who said 'if you hear it on the news tomorrow it was me' - god knows what he had planned.  Disco had got over his cramps from his 1 legged dancing and I did try to get the Red Bull Racing F1 team to run in our club colours - so all in all a successful night!

Thanks to all for all their hard work last season and looking forward to 2006/2007.

(click on photo to en-large)

Rob Herkes

Presentations taken to a whole new level

Tension mounts

With an 'E' man


Photo of the Year

BCI player of the year

Mileage of the year

BCII player of the year

BCFF 2nd Disco

BCFF winner Hayley

Rubbish stats

Managers prepared?

Managers player of the year

Overall player of the year

Congrats to Mark and Nikki

Clubman of the year

Ryan's Award

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Bunky Chollox FC 2014.  Established  1994.  All rights reserved.