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End of Season Bash 2005

So August 20th 2005 was the day Bunky's celebrated another season at Shenley.  3rd in Div 1, 6th in Div 2 and runners up in The Charity Cup (BCII) meant not too bad a footy year.  A great turn out from players old and new made it a cracking day and evening.  It started with the footy, a must for any EOS bash.

The Gold team victorious, closely followed by the Reds with the Whites at the rear!!!  On hindsight they
may not have been the fairest teams in the world, but the Gold's were certainly committed with top scorer Ben leading the way.  There were some dodgy decisions along the way but the introduction of a FIFA quality ref added to those dodgy decisions!  I think a good time was had by all, but not 100% sure. There were some cracking goals and silky play and the 2 hours was gone in a flash.

So off to the Annex, dum dum dar, for the Awards.  Mr Baldwin of dodgy knee fame but can still
play golf? hosted the ceremony.  The audience settled with their pint of Kronenberg/Miller waiting
for the nominations and more importantly the winners.

Ryan's Award 2005 - Russ Forbes - For that classic comedy moment.....
Upon seeing that Russ had some ladders in the back of his car...Mossy said "Nice Ladders!"
Russ replied "Yes, they're not my real ladders though..."
Mossy : "Eh?"
Russ : "They're my Step Ladders."

Managers player of the Year 2005 - Mark Rogers

BCI player of the Year 2005 - Sean de Fraine

BCII player of the Year - Ben Tranter
Overall player of the Year 2005 - Sean de Fraine

With the awards presented the players departed, to reconvene at First Base in City Limits to blow
the rest of the subs on beer!!  When I say players I meant everyone except Jon (back from Dubai), Ben
and Sean whom had to wait for Mr RAC to unlock Jon's car - note to all Focus drivers the boot locks
 when you shut it.

Albeit a tad later than expected Bunky's formed potentially there biggest ever squad with 20+ absolute
party animals ready to rip the night apart, okay a few were on coke and some others went earlish but all the same thanks to all those that came out!

Two games of pool were the order of the evening with 'Rob the Daddy Herkes' kicking ass in game 1 and kindly donating the table hiring fee's back to Charles.  Game 2 completely different, more players and significantly less prize fund - work that out?  Anyway, 'Jon lock the keys in the boot' took the
honours!  The table lights extinguished back to the bar it was.

The evening carried on with the funds being wasted on beer but no pork scratchings for once!!
don't know about anyone else but my voice has still to recover, was the music really that loud?

Same again next year everyone????
(click on photo to en-large)

Gold v White

The Red's

Warm Down

Well done lads

Overall Player of the Year

One more stretch

Managers player of the year

Still warming down

Players awards

Ryan's Award

BCII Player of the Year

BCI Player of the Year

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Bunky Chollox FC 2014.  Established  1994.  All rights reserved.