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Bunky Chollox 700th Game in the Shenley League (since stats began!)

18th November 2008.  By spooky coincidence Bunky Chollox 700th game at Shenley (since stats began) was actually a Bunky’s Derby.  BCI vs. BCII.  BCI took the lead through Sean before Danny and Steve got 2 late on to make it 2-1 to BCII.  Mario on his debut scooped the new “Bunky’s Derby Man of the Match” trophy with the most votes on the winning team.  He will keep the trophy until he hands it over to the next MOM in the next Derby.  It was a good game, best Derby yet, with some proper footy and proper challenges.  Official Photographer Rob (injured) was on hand to take some snaps and here’s the MOM votes.

Paul 11 (Losing side)
Sean 8 (L)
Mario 8 (Winning side) - Trophy winner
Danny 7 (W)
Steve 6 (W)
Tom 6 (W)
Disco 6 (W)
Ollie 5 (L)
Karl 4 (L)
Darryl 4 (L)
Dwayne 4 (L)
Mayson 3 (W)

Anyway what is more important is that over 15 years we have now long passed and 700 games played is an outstanding achievement to the club and all those involved.  So well done Bunky's and here's to the reaching 800!!


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