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5th March 2008.

Dear fellow Bunky’s,

I would like to invite any and all to join me for a drink after what will be my last game for Bunky’s, on the night of the 18th March 2008.  Although I have been oblivious to my aging body suggesting that I quit football, something else has come along and taken the decision for me.  This decision means that I will be moving to Germany to take up a new role with Yamaha at the end of March.

I have managed to play for Bunky Chollox for 10 seasons appearing in over 200 games and have been lucky enough to play in a cup winning team, scoring in the final (against Athletico Shenley !!!! ) , but in those days I was more of a forward player than the legs allow these days!

Anyway, all good things have to come to an end, so if you fancy a beer and some scratchings it would be good to share some with you on the 18th.

Mark Rogers will be taking the helm as Team Manager of BCIIII, a role he has proven himself well at recently with the Cup run.

It has been a pleasure to be a part of Bunky Chollox and I look forward to the vet's team starting so I have a footballing home to come back to !!

Mark Rolfe


From the Dazza Evening Post:

Bunky's Manager in BUNG scandal..... 

Mark Rolfe has resigned as Bunky's manager after BUNG scandal is exposed... Mark Rogers has been appointed Player/Manager... 

So my manager has taken a BUNG !!! Must be the only reason he'd leave The Mighty Chollox... 

I didn't see it coming although I have noticed his absence.. He must of been negotiating his contract with the Yamaha team in Germany....

In response to Daz;-

I would like to deny all rumours of a bung , there can be no rumours as it is all true . Bayern Bunkygladbach have made a reasonable offer of converting the £ earning capacity at BC UK into a significant € earning opportunity with add on bonus including a zwei frankfurter mit sauerkraut each day and dis is sehr gut ja. But any concern dat Ich werde Deutsch turning are greatly Hochgetrieben.



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