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Club Snack Rules


1. Snacks must be purchased from the beer kitty on the second round.

2. Snacks may be purchased during additional rounds (3rd,4th etc.) from left over kitty funds provided drinks are also being purchased either from the kitty or by additional fund contributions.

3. At least one bag of pork scratching must be purchased for each group of three 'attendees' (definition in Rule 4) or part thereof save for;

3.a. The establishment not having Pork Scratchings available for purchase.

4. All squad members, squad members friends, sponsor associates, squad supporters (hereby known as 'attendees') who are in the bar and drinking with the main group are eligible to be included in the numbers for snack rule 3

4.a. This includes persons who may have arrived late and/or not been in attendance during play.

4.b. 'Attendees' does not include those who are not partaking in a drink during the round at which snacks are purchase and has not partaken in any previous round.

5. A good selection of available flavours of snacks must be purchased in accordance with rule 1,2 and in addition to rule 3.

6. No 'attendee' is allowed to purchase snacks for the sole consumption of any one individual on the premises of the establishment.

7. Both sweet and savoury snacks may be purchase, but in addition to rule 3, at least two varieties of snacks per table need to be savoury.

8. The purchase of Nuts is allowed provided not more than one attendee makes an objection either before or after purchase.

9. The purchase of overpriced Nachos with, or without cheese, must come directly from the purchasers funds and not from the kitty.



10 The snacks must be placed on the tables in such a manor that will not cause damage to the contents of each pack.

11. It is permitted to crush Pork Scratchings once opened, provided that the size of scratching is deemed excessive for consumption in a single mouthful.

12. The purchaser of snacks is responsible for their distribution across all tables at which attendees are positioned. Save for;

12.a. When attendee's have positioned themselves unevenly at tables which no more than two people can sit.

12.b. A table with a single attendee does not count in the distribution of snacks.



13. Snacks positioned on the table that an attendee is closest to are for their consumption.

14. The consumption of snacks on tables other than that an attendee is closest to is only permitted once all the snacks on the table that the attendee is closest to have been consumed. Save for;

14.a. The flavour of the snack being consumed on a table that is not the closest to the attendee is not available on the table that is closest to the attendee.

14.b. The attendee is equidistant between more than one table.

15. The attendee's closest table is defined as that table in nearest proximity to their seated position at the point at which the snacks arrive. Save for;

15.a. A reposition of chairs/tables following the departure of one or more attendees.

16. It is the responsibility of each individual attendee to position themselves at a reasonable distance from a table. Any attendees not complying with this rule has no standing save for rule 3.


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