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  • Shenley League Rules to be followed at all times.

  • Starting players have to post/inform availability for forthcoming Tuesday game by 17:00 Friday.   If you can’t access the forum, text/email someone to do it for you.   We have to postpone games @ 17:00 Friday for the following Tuesday.

  • Shirts will be provided to starting 8, we have spare in each colour for subs to use.  White socks and shorts only. 

  • Teams.  The Captains decision is final.  Starting paying players always start game.  It is the individual’s choice to come off.  At that point, the captain will decide who comes on from subs.  The off-coming player is not guaranteed to get back on unless approved before. Each team may have their own substitute rules which will be made public to subs.

  • In the event of 8 starting players all turning out, then subs to be sorted prior to kick-off.

  • Leigh (GK) will back-up all 4 keepers on a 1st come, 1st served basis.  If a starting keeper is missing the 1st team to claim Leigh has him.  The 2nd team therefore needing to field a keeper from their subs or outfield players.

  • It is the responsibility of the individual team captain (or stand-in) to check the forum for player availability and chase substitutes if required.

  • Yellow Card – player pays fine to Shenley and matches fine to BC account

  • Red Card - player pays fine to Shenley and matches fine to BC account

  • Starting player’s responsibility to try and get sub cover in their absence.  Use forum.

  • Voting.  Starting players can award 6 votes per night (3, 2, 1).  Can’t vote for yourself.  You can only vote for anyone else including subs.   Player of Year = player with most total votes.

  • You can not play if you owe subs for the previous month.  Captains to chase fees.

  • End of Season do – date TBC

  • All communication will be via website/forum.  Check regularly for info.

  • Inform Sean if your contact details change.

  • Bank account.  “Bunky Chollox FC” or if you want to Internet transfer ask Sean for details.

  • “Photo of Year” and “Bunky’s on Tour” photo’s to be sent to Sean for posting on website.

  • “Hall Of Fame” nominations via Forum or email Sean.


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