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Club Beer Rules

1. Anyone going to the bar after a match should pay 5 into the kitty if they intend to have beer. The following exceptions apply:
1a. The person is only intending to have one beer and no snacks. This single beer can be purchased separately by the individual in question, no kitty contribution is required.

2. Anyone who is not drinking alcohol is at liberty to purchase their own 'soft' drink without contributing to the kitty.

3. A maximum of two drinks is permitted per 5 kitty contribution.
3a. It is not permitted to purchase a 'soft' drink for the initial round funded by an individual, and then expect to be part of a second round of alcoholic drinks having not contributed the full 5 to the kitty.

4. Additional rounds (3rd+) are at the discretion of anyone participating in the additional round. Normal gentleman's rules apply, save for rule 12.

6. If a person has contributed 5 to the kitty, they are at liberty to request one 'soft' drink per round, without incurring HoS points. Save for:
6a. The person has already/subsequently requested an alcoholic beverage within the round in question.

7. Any female (accompanied by a squad member) is permitted one drink per round without making an individual contribution to the kitty. Save for:
7a. More than two females in attendance taking advantage of rule 7.
7a Sub Clause: It is the responsibility of the accompanying male to ensure sufficient funds are available in the kitty under circumstances applicable to 7a

8. Any female who is in attendance, but NOT a direct partner, or possible partner, or not sh@gging another person/s present, must contribute as if a male attendee.
8a Proof of qualification for exception to rule 8 is not required unless she is exceptionally attractive.
8b Proof of qualification for rule 8 is required if she is unacceptably unattractive. (If you're bagging a moose, you can't deny it by making her pay 5 to the kitty!)

9. Any person who has not yet made a 5 contribution to the kitty is not permitted to complain if they have not been provided with a drink, alcoholic or otherwise.

10. Late entry to the bar following a completed drinks transaction:
10a. A person is permitted to contribute the full 5 to the kitty and partake in the two standard rounds.
10b. A person is permitted to complain that no drink has been provided for them, save for rule 9
10c. A person is not permitted to order an individual drink from the kitty from a previous drinks transaction. If they miss the first round, and a second round has been ordered, they cannot use kitty funds to purchase their own first drink in addition to, and at the same time as, participating in the second round.
10d. Any purchase of drinks by the 'late' individual may be made and included in the existing round provided that change from 5 is then added to the remainder of the kitty.

11. Pre Match Drinks:
11a. Any person who has yet to play a scheduled match either as a starting player or substitute, may purchase non-alcoholic drinks at any time prior to kick-off.
11b. Any person who purchases or consumes an alcoholic drink prior to participating in, or acting as a non-selected substitute, in a scheduled match on the evening in question will receive a 'Football' HoS for poor team/match commitment.
11bi. Infringement of rule 11b is not open to the appeal process.
11c. Standard 'Kitty' rules for alcoholic drinks do not apply to those persons who are yet to participate, or act as substitute in a scheduled game on the evening in question, save for rule 11, 11b and 11bi.

12. Two teams playing on the same evening:
12a. Any person wishing to participate in a round in accordance with rules 1 through 11 must contribute 5 for each two drinks or part there of.
12b. Following the first of two matches, any persons who are not due to participate, or substitute within, the second match are expected to abide by rules 1 through 11 for any drinks purchased prior to the second match commencement.
12c. Any persons participating, or substituting for, the second match must abide by rule 11, 11a, 11b, 11bi, 11c.
12d. If, during the gap between the two matches, persons have contributed 5 to the kitty, but only participated in a single round prior to the commencement of any additional round including the second team players/subs, any remaining kitty funds are added to the new kitty funds contributed by the second team players/subs.
12di. Rule 12a applies
12dii. If, following a second round drink by a first match player/substitute/spectator, which included the second match players (in their first round), a first & second round participant wishes to participate in a third round (second for second match players) They must contribute a minimum of 2 towards their third round provided that they do not wish to participate in any additional rounds.

13. Any remaining kitty funds will be added to club funds.
13a. It follows that no change is given back to any round participants at any time.

14. Any persons with insufficient funds to make the necessary contribution to the kitty is at liberty to arrange a 'loan' from an individual present to make their contribution for them. The club holds no responsibility for the repayment of the loan.

15. Inclusion in the round of anyone who has not contributed the full amount is at the discretion of those who have contributed.

16. Persons who regularly make the full contribution to the round are at liberty to make a slightly reduced contribution if they find themselves a little short...Danny.

17 Rule 5 does not apply under any circumstances.

18. All rules 1 through 17 inclusive are subject to discretionary exceptions/additions as agreed by general mob rule of others who have made a contribution to the kitty at the time in question.

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