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Bunky Chollox AFC: AGM Minutes

Date / Time     

Friday 8th August 2000 @ 20:00 hrs


Tawny Owl, Walnut Tree


Sean de Fraine, Jon de Fraine, Mark Rolfe, Gareth Davies, Neil Biggs, Richard Armstrong, Richard Moss, Darryl Norman,

Darren Johnson, Russell Forbes


Andy Moss, Justin Long

Rather than go into the full works on this tired, sad fiasco, the main points agreed were;

New Kit       

£20.00 to be given to JdF by Friday 11th August, in order that we can buy a new kit and register any change of colour with the FA.


£4.00 per night, payable in advance by cheque in two installments as before.


Players not turning up will be fined £2.00 per game missed if the team ever has to field less than 6 players. This will avoid the need for anyone to chase whether all players will be playing or not.


New league teams were drawn (yet again) at random and are as follows;

        One Bunky Chollox

            Sean de Fraine, Jon de Fraine, Darryl Norman, Neil Biggs, Richard Moss, Andy Moss

        Two Bunky Chollox

            The rest.

We will pick cup teams nearer the cup night, depending on league performance.


I proposed some system and I can't remember if anyone disagreed or not, so now it's too late ...

The system will be ;

A simple point structure : 0-5.

So, if someone was O.K., then get '3', if they were crap, they get '0', if they were great they get '5' and then you can use your initiative to work out the sliding scales in-between.

You have to vote for each person at the end of the game (completely anonymously, of course) - This should mean that when Andy regularly players brilliantly, he should get a '5' from each of you - and you won't be distracted by the fact that Sean got four hat tricks but according to Mr. Moss 'did very little else' - so everyone should be happy.

Neil will take the points and Jon will do the stats. Neil will also devise his own secret system for voting which Iím sure will be a massive success and provide hours of fun for us all.

End of Season 'Do'

To be decided nearer the time but we all agreed we are definitely going out of Milton Keynes and the whole thing will be an event that will last the entire evening.

So Daz and Sean can't sod off to their birds and Andy can't wear trainers, knowing he won't get in anywhere. And Neil and I will have to take our flasks if we want a cuppa at any time.

Other than that, nothing else.

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